Friday, January 26

Gettin' Some

  • Friend Award from Wacky Mom

  • Be The Blog Award from Wacky Mom

  • Nice Award from Jen in MI

  • Smile Award from Bonnie Jacobs

  • Thinker awarded by Soccer Mom in Denial

  • Nice Matters awarded by SMID

  • Rockin Girl from Cable Girl (who also rocks)

  • Rockin Girl from Kiki

  • Rockin Girl from Scribbit

  • Rockin Girl from Tori

  • Rockin Girl from Mousey

  • First Schmoozer given by Mark

  • Schmoozer award from Jen

  • Schmoozer award from Karen

  • thoughtful blogger awarded by Karen

  • thoughtful blogger awarded by Brillig

  • From Bonnie

  • also from Bonnie

  • from Chuck

  • WOnderful Women of the Web from Leslie
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