Tuesday, March 31


Recently, I stood at the sink and chopped away at my hair. Which is something I tend to do when I am emotionally charged.

I get emotionally charged over things like big changes.

Big changes by my definition include things like trans-atlantic relocations.

Which is what we are doing.

In June.

Don is taking on a new challenge which will lead us stateside once again. Excited is a word I might use to describe the emotion of it all. Thrilled for him, happy for what this offers all of us, and sad to leave here. Very sad. I also might admit to being scared. But only if I were the kind of person to lay my feelings out for all the internet to read and see. Which I am.


So, my hair is short and we are packing boxes.

76 days left on the continent.

Friday, March 27

What is the What?

Hello little blog
I am sure you're missing me!
I'm not far away...

Changes are afoot
Things I haven't told you yet
But please don't be sad.

Tell all my readers
they can find me at facebook
when I am not here

Soon I will be back
fingers fast at the keyboard
To say my something!

But in the meantime
trust me, I am missing you
as the dust settles here

Monday, March 23

Dance Tunes

It's not necessarily music, but it is music to me.

Please meet Pilobolus, a dance company I first saw when I was all of 13 years old. That was in Salt Lake City where their antics (and propensity to dance in the nude) stirred quite a controversy in town. Over the years I have seen them perform in various venues and in various places. The most recent being Saturday evening here in The Hague as part of my ongoing-birthday-present from Don.

I will never cease to be captivated by their artistry.

Cutting edge, edgy, and amazingly artistic, when Pilobolus (pīläb'ələs) (or in dutch pronunciation pee-LOBO-loose) is performing it is a visual feast.

Enjoy the bodies in motion video and understand that when I look at this, my heart sings!

Friday, March 20

Gonna Have a Good Time

I'm forty-three now
you can sing if you want to
today's my birthday!

Wednesday, March 11

Sunday, March 8

Disappearing Act

(Mama opens conversation)
"Hey, Ian, Emma... it's gettin' late."

(Teens collectively sigh)

(Mother speaks)
"So...um...yeah, time to be making preparations for bed?"

(Unison monotone vocal response indicating lack of enthusiasm for above named task)

(Clock moves forward one, two, three... 10 minutes.
Teens remain glued to computer screens and keyboards.)

(Mom ups the ante)
"So, here's what I am thinking. Anyone still down here in 5 minutes is cleaning the kitchen before bed."

(Room immediately clears. Parent quiet time commences)

No applause, please. Just throw money.