Friday, March 27

What is the What?

Hello little blog
I am sure you're missing me!
I'm not far away...

Changes are afoot
Things I haven't told you yet
But please don't be sad.

Tell all my readers
they can find me at facebook
when I am not here

Soon I will be back
fingers fast at the keyboard
To say my something!

But in the meantime
trust me, I am missing you
as the dust settles here


  1. Periodic disruption makes the world go round! Joel Salatin taught me that last night :)

  2. life definitely does get in the way of blogging. :) sounds like everything is well, though. :)

  3. Well but how DARE life get in the way of blogging! Someone needs to straighten out this life's priorities ;)

    Tink *~*~*
    Fort Myers Beach Moon

  4. You need to live life sometimes in order to have something to blog about;)

  5. Ok...I will find you at Facebook... ;)

    And yes, hatchuuu! LOL

  6. We miss you, too!

    I wouldn't know anything about life getting in the way of blogging, though.