Sunday, March 8

Disappearing Act

(Mama opens conversation)
"Hey, Ian, Emma... it's gettin' late."

(Teens collectively sigh)

(Mother speaks)
", time to be making preparations for bed?"

(Unison monotone vocal response indicating lack of enthusiasm for above named task)

(Clock moves forward one, two, three... 10 minutes.
Teens remain glued to computer screens and keyboards.)

(Mom ups the ante)
"So, here's what I am thinking. Anyone still down here in 5 minutes is cleaning the kitchen before bed."

(Room immediately clears. Parent quiet time commences)

No applause, please. Just throw money.


  1. I am tucking that one away to be recalled at a future date - nice one!

  2. My standard threat (and one that HAS been carried out) is to simply eliminate screen time (TV, computer, games, anything with a screen) for 2 days for every time I have to remind them ... and I issue reminders every 5 minutes after the intial "Time to head to bed, guys" warning. If they hit a week's worth of screen time loss, they also win the bonus of being grounded for that week, too.

  3. Haha! Thankfully I get to pick my own bedtime... :D

    Btw, I have a feeling you're not getting any of emails, Jenn. Is that possible?

  4. That is a good one but so is Jami's! I'm like Res, I'll be tucking those away for future need.

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