Tuesday, March 31


Recently, I stood at the sink and chopped away at my hair. Which is something I tend to do when I am emotionally charged.

I get emotionally charged over things like big changes.

Big changes by my definition include things like trans-atlantic relocations.

Which is what we are doing.

In June.

Don is taking on a new challenge which will lead us stateside once again. Excited is a word I might use to describe the emotion of it all. Thrilled for him, happy for what this offers all of us, and sad to leave here. Very sad. I also might admit to being scared. But only if I were the kind of person to lay my feelings out for all the internet to read and see. Which I am.


So, my hair is short and we are packing boxes.

76 days left on the continent.


  1. Wow. Didn't see that coming!
    Your hair looks great by the way.

  2. Nothing like a big move to turn your whole world upside down! I'm sure everything will go fine in the end, but I can imagine that the whole idea is very stressful for you! Good luck, I hope everything goes as smoothly as possible!

    I agree with Lilacspecs: your hair looks great!

  3. Wow, we tend to have the same reactions to stressful situations. I always end up cutting, dying my hair (usually something funky like purple) or, in my younger days, piercing something.

    Nothing like a transatlantic move to rearrange your world. Where in the States did you say you were moving again?

  4. You mean you look that fabulous just by hacking at your own locks? I hate you.

    Big news. Wow! Where will you be landing?

  5. Goodness. Take a deep breath. Love the hair.

  6. Well you look fabulous!

    Wow! What a change for you all--I hope you have another great adventure. Any chance he's looking at Alaska? :)

  7. I've been trying to get my hair in some sort of short style for months. And you do it yourself in minutes! If I didn't love you, I'd hate you. (Of course, you'd probably look fabulous even if you were bald ...)

  8. We will welcome you back stateside and CONTINUE reading whatever you wish to write from your new hallowed halls! Good luck with everything!!!!

    And, yes, your hair does look good!

  9. You're dealing with this so well!!!

    I gave you an award...check it out

  10. I'm here only on Wednesdays, but man, what a change! I love The Netherlands, and I'd be sad to leave the Continent too. But you'll get used to being back in the States...

    Good luck with the move.

  11. If I drive over to the Netherlands can you do that to my hair?? It looks great. Congratulations on the upcoming move.

  12. If I chopped my hair over the sink, it certainly wouldn't look as good as yours.

    I'm selfishly kinda sad about your move. I've enjoyed keeping in touch with The Netherlands thru you. But if I'm a bit sad, I can't even imagine how you must feel.

    Like everything in life though, this is one chapter closing and the new chapter will hold its own share of wonder experiences.

    What will you miss most?

  13. whoa - just catching up here, and you're moving! and did a great job cutting your hair! (better vice than I - I tend to mark big things with permanent ink...)

    kind of one of those mixed blessing things, huh. here's to a very smooth uneventful relocation and that the new place rocks :)

  14. Cute Hair. you can come over and cut mine. Love ya!


  15. Okay. I love the hair. I also love the idea of having you on the same continent as me.

  16. Like the haircut. Don't like the reason for it. But then, I am selfish that way...