Monday, January 1

Every Little Step

The rules of Singular Saturday.

my own game

Singular Saturday was born, as most *ahem* great ideas are, as a result of necessity. You see, I had just signed on to the post-every-day-for-a-month challenge (NaBloPoMo) and in contemplating such a task, knew I was destined to need a fail safe break every once in awhile if I was going to make it through.
I had also long wished for an original idea which I could call my own in this great blogging world and to have a game where others had to come to me to play it. I am selfish and self serving like that. If you are going to play you should really know that about me.

After much thought, consideration and deep soul searching--or possibly none of the above--this is what I came up with.

Singular Saturday is the place to say it all, your every deep and secret contemplation, all in a single word. On Saturdays.
It's not all that complicated, I suppose, and you probably could have discerned all of that without me having to make a post to explain it all, and yet, here we are.

Please, if you are playing along do a couple of things for me.

1. Link to me.
You can link this post, the post of the day, or just a general link to me. I don't mind where, but I do ask for the link.

2. Make a comment.
Because I am witty, and funny, wicked smart, insightful and really, all things considered, quite cute. I also really, really, really like comments. So leave one.

3. Post at your place.
Uh, yeah, because that's how you play the game.

4. Use the image if you like.
You can email me for the code: aeinoyou AT yahoo DOT com

5. Tell others to cease their verbosity and join us on Saturdays.

Examples of the fun can be found by clicking here.

That's it friends. I am really glad to have you come play along. All links from Mr. Linky are made permanent in the week following the play day. If you have any other questions or comments about it, you can email me to ask.

And now, in a word?


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