Tuesday, August 14

The Blame Game

There is a first time for everything and today is absolutely no exception to that rule. This is the first time the Blame It On This Blog award has been given. And before I even explain the award I am going to dive in and present it to Leslie of My Mommy's Place. The Blame she receives is well deserved as she caused me and many others some serious haiku grief these past few weeks as we scribbled and scrawled through the blogosphere in 17 syllables. She knows what she started and she is rightfully proud of the onslaught in 5-7-5 rhythm which began with a challenge at her place.

Thanks a lot Leslie
Haiku has overtaken
my minuscule brain

BTB button

This button is for you baby!
Awarded jointly by the committee formed to award such things as this.

You know the ones we're talking about. Those bloggers with their memes, interviews, contests.

You can't stop thinking about it.

You keep on entering, or modifying your entry. You think about something else you want to say. You add to what you've written or submit another entry or find yourself tagged yet again for another meme.

Or maybe it's a quiz that you can't stop taking.
Or a post where the comments are fast and furious and you can't stop checking on what else someone else has said.

Suddenly, you find that this whole theme has taken over your thoughts while riding or driving, your quiet time when you should be working, your dreams at night, your blog!

We (a self-appointed committee of like-minded bloggers) decided it was time to give credit where it's due and have developed this very special "Blame It On THIS Blog!" Award.

The rules are simple.

1. Sometimes we all want to blame someone. If you know of a deserving blogger, please submit your nomination and reasons for placing the "Blame" to the Award committee:
Jenn in Holland, Soccer Mom In Denial, Not That Different and Fourier Analyst.

No one wants to be "Blamed" for everything, so please limit your reasons for nominating to specific and deserving instances where "Blame" should be given. Recipients of the "Blame" will receive the button to display on their blog along with their "Mea Culpa" at their own convenience.

The Award committee wants to remind all bloggers that they should not be discouraged if their nominee does not get an award the first time as there is plenty of "Blame" to go around and at any future time it may be deservedly placed!.

2. Anyone who has received the "Blame" is also free to pass it on to another blogger, once! We hope all recipients of the "Blame" award will accept it in the humorous spirit in which is has been conceived!

While we are on the subject of blame, I would like to share a little with the amazing Crystal who blogs at The Song of My Soul and creates amazing handcrafted jewelry at Two Belles and a Bead. I contacted Crystal with a request for a mother's necklace I could present to my Mom on her birthday. Crystal came through with flying colors, or with flying-colored-swarvoski-crystals to be precise. This is what she created for me my Mom:

The beads you see hanging from the center are the birthstones of her children. And the stones threaded into the chain are the birthstones of her 19 grandchildren. The blame I am sharing with Crystal? That's for the tears in my Mom's eyes as she opened her gift.

Thanks Crystal. From the bottom of my heart.

Further on the discussion of buttons I would like to thank Tori who writes When I Finally Decided to Get It for sharing the Rockin' Girl Award with me. If you are not a regular reader of Tori's, I encourage you to venture in. She is a deep thought, honest emotion writer who shares her journey to grow with grace and elegance. I love Tori's work and get swept away in her writing.

Also, a thanks to Mousey of Say Cheese for the award of Rockin' Girl as well. Mousey's photos are always a delight and her comments heartfelt. I love a photographer and any blogger with Cheese in the blog title!


Before I go, one more thing about me! The results are in and while the big congratulations for the WIN go to Jami , I was awarded an honorable mention in the Haiku Buckaroo contest at My Mommy's Place. Thanks again to Leslie for hosting the fun. You can be sure you'll be seeing the button on my sidebar soon.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. You're back! YEAH! And what a lovely gift for your mom!

  2. Wow, so much to cover. A beautiful necklace by Crystal. Congrats on the various awards, honorable mentions, etc.

    So, does Leslie know she's been Blamed?

  3. cute necklace and yes - congrats on al the stuff :)

    take care and have a terrific tuesday.

  4. I know who you are... one of those girls I always envied in high school, who knows how to do everything and participate in everything and has loads of friends! How on earth do you do all that??

  5. Hi ya Jen-
    It's nice to have been missed as much as I missed y'all.
    I agree, Crystal did amazing work on this piece.

    Too much maybe for one post, but I wanted to get it all in. Thanks friend.

    Go see Crystal's site... she has some lovely things!

    I never clean my house. :)

  6. I commented on Leslie to send her to my blog. You should as well! Congrats on getting the recognition that you ROCK (again - did you detect the small note of jealousy there?)!
    Thanks for the necklace line, I have some folks in mind...

  7. sweet fa-
    I sent off an email to her this morning but will comment too. SMID is up with her blame and as soon as Jami is up the committee will be solidly pointing one collective finger at Leslie!

  8. Yes, that Leslie definitely deserves this award. I've never actually been to her site, but I have, ahem, FELT the effects of her haiku contest.

    Love the new blame award! And what a formidable committee! It's as though someone said, "who are four of your all-time favorite bloggers?" And POOF. A committee was formed.

  9. Oh, you crazy girls. I am so honored! I'm preparing my acceptance speech. It deserves a post all its own.

  10. I may even have to write a song about The Blame.

  11. brillig-
    effects of haiku?
    what exactly do you mean?
    I have seen none here

    leslie, whom I call buck-
    I blame you entirely for the annoyance I have been to Brillig. And I must say, I can't wait to read the acceptance speech. Will the song feature an air guitar solo?

  12. That necklace is absolutely gorgeous! Love it!

  13. Thanks for the blame. I'm glad your mother likes her set. :)