Sunday, February 22

Thought Harvest

My dear readers, friends, and lurkers,

I need your help. In recent weeks/months I have received numerous emails in regard to moving, working and living in The Netherlands. And while I am glad to answer any and all queries which come to my inbox I have been thinking a couple of things here.
First, I am behind in getting some of these questions answered.
(That for the sole reason that I am a lazy correspondent and for all my time spent on the computer, not all of it is *ahem* productive time on the computer. So I am late to reply in some instances.)

Second, while I am happy to wax poetic about most any subject, I recognize fully that my take and perspective on this/these particular subject(s) is limited to my personal experiences. Those experiences may not be universal. And it is just ever so possible that my attitude about things is also not the same for every ex-pat or transplant to the continent.

So, to make my point clear here, what I need is a little help from you my friends, my readers and my lurkers. (I know who you are. Okay, not really true, but I do wish I knew who you were as I am relatively certain your presence adds meaning and substance to my blogging life and well, we should know each other better)

What I propose is this. In true kill-two-birds-with-one-stone logic, I would like to answer the email queries by post here at this blog for these kind strangers who have so kindly asked for my input. What I would like then to add to the story of how it goes for me to live, work and adapt to life in The Netherlands (huh, like I haven't told THAT story a thousand times before...) is the story of how it goes for you. You meaning the collective you who read here and live here too. I am appealing to all those who live in the lowlands or any of the neighboring countries.

What I am hoping to offer the kind strangers is a gathering of other kind blogging strangers who can shed some light, share their perspective, give encouragement, fill in the blanks, inspire, deter, or generally answer the questions others have of those of us who have been there, done that.

My post would read something like this:

Jenn goes blah-blah-blah about her life for awhile, attempts to make people laugh, and answers a few questions along the way.
Then, Jenn LINKS to you and suggests (nay, commands) that readers go take a gander at what you have to say and/or contact you directly to get the info they need. Toch?

If you are willing to help me out here, please can you send an email to me at aeinoyou AT yahoo DOT com and leave me either an email address (which I will encrypt) or a blog url (which I will link) to share with the question askers when I post. Your shared stories, experiences and perspective will be meaningful to all, of that I am certain.

Thank you to all of you in my blogging world (lurking and otherwise) for making my life so rich. Thank you for helping me share that wealth.


Jenn in Holland


  1. I sent you an e-mail but I used Outlook and now I can't remember if I hit "send" or "close". Hopefully you get it...should be coming from my Lilacspecs email.

  2. I get these emails also. I am usually too busy to answer them either, but I try my best.. I am in the same situation as you. I usually guide them to Expatica's website. Try giving this link as a starting point: It seems to have more up-to-date information since this seems to change more often than I can count ;-)

  3. What a great idea. Of course, I can say that because you're not asking anything of me, an American living in California.

  4. do you get questions about Belgium too?

  5. This is awfully nice of you. Of course I think it is sunny and warm all year there so I'm no help.

  6. Good idea; I've sent my email...delayed by Carnival festivities of course (I hate Haring and Bread Ash Wednesday...bummed)

  7. Sorry, I think I was one of the straws that helped break the camel's back.

    The site given above, by "A Touch of Dutch" is quite good and answered a couple questions. I am finding other sites about daily living (e.g. if invited into someone's home, you'll be expected to politely finish two coffees and pastries ... and then leave) and these - along with your blog - are proving that it's the small differences that really make for a difference!

    I'm not sure how I can help, as I'm "state-side," but I'd be happy to assist in any way I can.

    Maybe I can help more immediately:

    I have come across for online Dutch language lessons, and for learning other languages (some of which are spoken within and around the Netherlands).