Tuesday, October 30

A Day Like Any Other

"Good Morning, International School of The Hague. This is Jenn, can I help you?"

"Hi. Yes, I have a question."


"Is the school closed on November 1st?"

"No, the first will be a regular school day."

"Oh, okay. I was just wondering if the school would be closed because in Belgium the schools close for All Saint's Day."

"Um. Right. Okay. But this is Holland."

"So it will be business as usual on the first?"



  1. Isn't there an International School somewhere that takes advantage of all those holidays from countries all over the world? I know that's the one my kids would want to attend...

  2. And isn't it Holland chocolate that is so divine? Or is it Belgian? I always confuse those countries. Just like I confuse those Ira- nations.

  3. I guess it's hard to give up your traditions no matter where you are!

  4. It was worth a try no?

    Anyway...I'll think of you all when you are working and when I have my holiday in Belgium! And to make it complete, I took friday off as well. :). Be jealous.

  5. Belgian? Holland? You mean they ain't the same?

    Well gee-wil-ackers! Next you're going to tell me Africa isn't just one big country.

  6. Africa is bunch of countries. Sorry to be the one to break it to you. Oh, so is Asia.

  7. Hi,

    New reader, followed a link from your photo blog.

    I work as an operator at a medical clinic and that sounds like alot of the questions I get.

  8. That is SO funny. Guess that family's been traveling a little too much...

  9. Welcome Capitolady! So glad to have you aboard!!

    As to the rest of you hooligans and shenanigansters-- I adore you all. Each and evey one.

    Hartstikke Bedankt

  10. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that parent, are they?

  11. G'day from Australia,

    I'm fascinated that different European neighbours observe different holidays.

    Obviously the caller was not putting his `soul' into the conversation!