Monday, October 8

One For the Road

"Okay, buddy, I am on my way. I will see you later after work, okay?"

"Wait, wait, wait! I got to tell you something at the door."

"Okay, pal. Sounds good. Are you going to tell me that you love me?"

"Uh... no."

"Are you going to say that you'll miss me?"

"Uh... no. But you got to miss me okay, Mom?"

"Yep buddy. I am going to miss you while I am at work."

"Yeah, but I got to tell you something at the door."

"All right. Come and tell me what you have to say 'cause I've got to get going."

"Do you got your bike Mom?"

"Yeppers. I've got my bike."

"Are you going to work Mom?"

"Yes, I am on my way to work."

"Okay. I got to tell you something at the door Mom."

"Right. I am waiting. What did you want to tell me at the door then?"



  1. Hey, he's right, it's the last thing you say when someone is going out the door! Smart kiddo! (Sometimes, darlin', ya gotta jus' think like a kid! They have their priorities right!)

  2. Oh, I think you are right FA. He's a smart little cookie. This latest ritual in the mornings is oh-so-much fun to play through!
    With the "bye" I get a little hand wave and then he closes the door behind me. Too too funny.

  3. I think I have to die now of cuteness. Thanks for killing me. :)

  4. Too funny! I love these snippets from your family life!

  5. That reminds me of my sis and her son at 3; his favourite way to send her off to work was to wait until she was getting into the car and then throw himself in her general direction shouting "Wait! Wait! I got something to tell you!" Every day she would faithfully walk back round the car, kneel down and ask what it was. Even though she knew it would be 'Bye!'. And that he'd said it to her 5 times already.
    Motherhood, huh?

  6. Oh my goodness, I think maybe you should get him together with your little shadow at work. TOO funny!

  7. Yup, it wouldn't make sense to say it if you weren't leaving. lol

  8. Oh, I love that! So cute, and funny, and typical of how children place such unconscious drama on ordinary events. (=

  9. My guys demand that I wake them up before I leave. I would love for them to get 20 more minutes of sleep but they have to groggily (is that a word) come to the front door in their PJs moaning "Hug and kiss! Hug and kiss!"

  10. Oh, I love a man of few words.

  11. well there is no point in saying bye too early!

  12. Hi Jenn!
    I have been thinking of you even though I haven't been here lately.
    This is a wonderful little blurb of cuteness!

  13. I can just imagine how cute your kid looks when he says his goodbye. It's a beautiful way of saying goodbye, just the one that puts a smile on the face.

  14. Well, now, he couldn't very well say it until he was sure you were leaving, could he?