Wednesday, April 15


*writing date: 30 August 2005*

This is what strikes me and rings true.
As I meet other ex-pats from around the world
we compare notes
and I realize that there are as many ways of adapting to change
as there are people who face change.
I have discovered a commonality in this international community:
we miss our old homes,
we miss our friends
we miss our families
and we miss our home country.
But we are each determined
to make a go of it in a new place,
learning a new language,
adapting to a new culture,
and making connections with people.
When you know others are out there
who are nothing at all like you,
but who feel exactly like you,
it helps.


  1. wow, has it really been that long? August of 2005??? I can't beleive it!

  2. You know this morning I was wondering if anything about expats who return?

    That is a story I'm looking forward to reading.

  3. As a Dutch person living in Canada I smile and read your stories. It is so true and it goes the other way as well. We run into so many differences in culture and are very sure we want to fit in and make it work. We have been living in Calgary for 8 years now and still we feel very Dutch.
    Keep telling your stories. It is great to read about my country from your point of view!