Monday, April 13

Right Down the Line

In between the moments that I am clearing closets, throwing out the junk, and determining which of our many accumulated items will be moving across the ocean with us, I am contemplating the experience of this life abroad. I don't know that there will be time at this time to reflect in writing the wanderings of my emotional mind, but I am enjoying the memories of the time spent here, the adjustments to life as an ex-pat, the adapting to another culture... all of it.

What I want to do next with this blog, I just don't know yet. But what I want to do now is this. I want to wander down the memory lane of my life in Holland.

And I want you to wander with me.

For the next few days (weeks, even?)I am pulling from the archives some of the early observations I took time to write down. Maybe you've read it all before, but indulge me and read it again, won't you?

I have liked it here. I have liked it a lot. And before I leave, I want to like it all over again.

Thank you dear readers and friends for being with me through this experience.
There's no doubt in my mind, it's been you who've made all the difference.

SMID's Music Monday


  1. Awwww... you used Music Monday to introduce this! How neat! I was wondering when/if you would do this. Maybe I'll come out of my blogging inertia to read along!

  2. I know you're gonna miss Holland; I can tell by the way you've talked about your life and adventures.

  3. One post I'd love to see again was the one where you described the music fest you went to with Jason Mraz (the first time)... I remember loving that post.

  4. We've been with you because it's been a fun trip!

    (sorry about getting to the party late - story of my life)