Thursday, April 2


Don says: "Hey buddy, I hear you're going to the zoo today with your class at school."

Drew says: "Uh... yeah, I am. I'm going to the zoo!"

(*Andrew punches the air for emphasis*)

I say: "Hey Drew, tell Daddy about your name tag for the zoo."

Drew says: "Um. It says my name."

I say: "Right, what else does it say? Does it say you speak English?"

Drew says: "Uh, yeah, it says that. But I speak English AND Dutch."

(*I giggle*)

Don says: "Ah, spreek je Nederlandse?"

Drew says: "Ummmm...yeah, I said I speak English AND Dutch."

(*I guffaw*)


  1. hahahaha. That's so stinkin' cute. I hope he has a great day at the zoo. :-D

  2. Damn, he'll blow his friends away in his new school! Very cool!

  3. psssssssssssst it's Saturday!!! check my blog

  4. Ha ha ha, what a cute conversation!

  5. lol i ont need a nametag at my school saying i spesk english and dutch cus no one where i live speaks dutch :(