Friday, May 18

15 Reasons I Won't be Blogging This Weekend

1. I am going to Milan.

2. I am going to Milan.

3. I am going to Milan.

4. Did I mention that I am going to Milan?

5. That's in Italy.

6. Where both Piazza del Duomo and Teatro alla Scala are.

7. Among other things.

8. My husband is already there; speaking at a conference.

9. I am joining him for the weekend.

10. In Milan.

11. I am traveling without my kids.

12. Repeating that for your benefit.

13. NO kids.

14. In Milan.

15. Italy.


  1. Whoa! That's big! Have a wonderful weekend, and take lots of pictures!

    Where was it you were going again?

  2. Have an amazing weekend!! Wow - I'm a good way, of course. ;)

  3. Jenn, Please, oh please oh please oh please hide me in your luggage?!?!? La Scala? I'd swoon!

    No really, you are going to have such a marvelous time, grown-ups only at that!! The food, the architecture, the history, the not-wiping-any-noses-or-other-body-part, just you and cool is that?

    Treat yourself to something shiny (perhaps a watch in SMID's honor?) and tell us all about it when you get back. Ciao!! Ken

  4. So, where are you going? Madrid, Paris? In Germany, Bulgaria? Taking the kids? LOL!!!

  5. Woooooohooooo! Have a wonderful time!!!!!!

  6. And then I positively died of jealousy...

  7. You're not excited or anything, are you?

    LOL... found you via Anno (isn't she a wonderful person?).

    Have a great trip!

  8. You lucky dog!

    Man, I loved your list!

    You're going WHERE again? lol

    Have an absolute wonderful time and enjoy the "snuggle" time with your hubby!:)(With no kids underfoot, that is. Just like newlyweds again!)


  9. Well, Jenn in Holland have a grand time in Milan.

  10. Buon viaggio!

    And Ambassador - Something shiny like a watch? You are such a GUY. Darling Jenn, you get that man to walk you past some jewelry stores and you find yourself some real, Italian GOLD!!

    Don't forget your camera. Imagine the photos you'll take without kids in tow. Oh, oh, oh be sure to share them with us!!

  11. OK, I'm envious. I'm really really envious.

    But I hope you have a totally fabulous weekend. (Great list!)

  12. I'm so jealous!

    Have fun and take lots of photos. Lots.

  13. Where did you say? oh Milan is it?
    Yay yo you!Have a great time Jenn.

  14. Aren't you worried the kids might get eaten by a roving 400 pound gorilla? The Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo (say that three times fast) in Amsterdam is apparently a "locks optional" establishment. Seriously, some silver back got out, ran around the place and took a bite out of some poor lady. Your kids would be so much safer with Jim and Donna in Phoenix.

  15. Thou shalt not covet... ! Lucky!!!

  16. I'm so excited by finding this blog on Beamans blog! Can't wait to read more!