Friday, May 4

15 Things We Would Love to Get in a Care Package From the U.S.

(Not that we are *hinting* or anything.... Are you reading this Mom?)

1. Peanut Butter.
creamy. any brand. gallon bucket size.

2. Cold Medicines.
Advil Cold & Sinus. Zicam. Airborne.
the stockpiles are low. the sniffles are bound to return.

3. Cake Mix and a Can of Frosting.
you wouldn't believe the price I have to pay for something like this in the expat shop.

4. Ranch Dressing Mix.
though we found some cardini's dressings at our local albert heijn the other day. total thrill.

5. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

6. Starburst.

7. Skittles.
can you identify which if any items on this list may have been suggested by the children?

8. Goldfish Crackers.
now, why in the land of cheese they don't market these happy little cheese crackers is beyond me. we've tried the cheese crackers on offer here and Andrew scoffs at the lot of them. no, it must be goldfish. simply goldfish.

9. Chocolate Chips.
another just can't be found item. not good ones anyway.

10. Books!
paperbacks in English which I don't have to pay a premium for. or have to purchase in british pounds!

11. Cereal.
mmmm.... cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, trix, lucky charms, apple jacks.
this post at scribbit's made me salivate in whole puddles.

12. Seeds.
cilantro. green onion. sunflower. I want to make salsa, Emma wants to harvest a snack.

13. Refried Beans. Enchilada sauce. Jalapenos with a kick.
oh, mexican food, I miss you so.

14. File Folders. Index Cards

the Dutch must not file things, because this is an impossible item to locate. we found some index cards finally the other day in the BASEMENT of the book store.

15. An extended visit from family or friends, or hey, even someone we don't know all that well.
we're not picky.


  1. Ha! That is quite a list. I can't believe you can't find any of that stuff. If I visit the Netherlands, I'll be sure to pack a bag of stuff for you! ;)

  2. Amazing, isn't it, how dependent we become all those conveniences of American life. If I could, I'd bundle up the whole list and send it off to you! As it is, perhaps I could comply with one or two...

  3. I love Goldfish crackers...It is horrible when you are craving the taste of something and you can't get it.

    I would like to help with some of your wishes...I am constantly at the Post Office...You can go on my

    Pop over and visit me on my blog and if you would like you can email me your address.

    Take care,

  4. Thanks Csara! We would love to have you visit. You are welcome anytime.

    Pathethic how reliant we become is more how I would say it. But it is a pleasure to have those "treats" sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Connie-
    Now that's just sweet. I will definitely be over for a visit.

  6. You know how to reach me. I LOVE THE POST OFFICE! Seriously - I've sent care packages to Uganda.

    Let's see what Auntie SMID comes up with...

  7. Hi! Wow, I didn't realize so many things were so hard to find there! But I feel your pain. When I was stationed in SE Asia, I could find NONE of my faves! May I add you to my reads? ::hugs::

  8. Okay, seriously? All y'all are just awesome.
    Thanks for the virtual love and support.
    Welcome Abroad. Thrilled to have you here.

    And SMID-
    Did you read between the lines to see the personal engraved invitation implied in #15?

  9. it's crazy the things we take for granted until we can't have them anymore. like peanut butter!

  10. Oh my goodness, I could have written this whole list so many times. These are exactly all the things I miss every time I go somewhere for very long! For instance, I remember being in Italy and thinking, "I'm goona make chocolate chip cookies!" Nope. Not possible.

    But hey, in Holland your cheese and your chocolate kicks our American butt. And since my life pretty much revolves around cheese and chocolate, I'm having a hard time feeling too bad for you. hahaha.

    I hope some care packages arrive soon!

  11. TA-
    Yes! My kids miss peanut butter. They have a version of sorts here, but no one except Andrew will eat it. As my big kids say "it's just not right".

    And Brill, thanks for the reminder that my chocolate kicks your chocolate's @%$! I appreciate that deeply, I really do.

  12. You would think being ex-pats living in Montreal, QC we would be able to have the same American conveniances. I made my own list of things I miss on my blog which included, corn tortillas, shopping malls, craft stores, soda with ice. Great to find your blog!

  13. Michelle-
    Yes! Corn tortillas!
    And what is this thing you call 'ice' in your soda?

    Great to have you here.

  14. This list really hit home, for too many reasons. How can we get some of this to you? And what are your favorite authors?

  15. i literally said while reading this list:

    "ooooooh, cake mix!"

  16. Interesting, the little things we miss that were so much taken for granted.

    I lived in the Philippines for three years. There was a Burger King about an hour away and some of us would just take road trips for a burger!

    If only it were and In and Out. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. Wow, it's funny how we take things for granted! What kind of books do you like to read? I belong to Paperback Swap and Book Crossing and lots of times do what's called RABCKs so if you let me know what your genre is/are, I'll see what I've got. :)

  18. Hello.I hope you receive some gift packages too.....mum is reading your blog right?

  19. Jenn come my way. I happen to read English paperbacks by the dozen a month and I have stacks up for grabs..

  20. Anno & Betty & Marloes-
    To say that I am overwhelmed by the offer and the generosity is to understate it grandly. Thank you so much. I have left my email address at your places (or you can find it on the front page here) so we can talk more! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    My daughter made a from scratch cake yesterday for her brother's birthday and it was SO YUM. In fact, I think I may just sneak another piece here soon. Dutch cake is simply not the same as our super sweet super moist American style cake!

    Burger King is here of course, and also McDonalds and of all things KFC. We haunt those kinds of places when we travel. Which pleases my kids immensely!

    just me-
    I sure hope Mom is reading. She hasn't weighed in here at the comments yet.... but maybe soon.

  21. I'll need an address to send it to.

  22. What kind of books do you read: romance, mystery, chick lit, classics..? Who's your fav author? I've been unloading books at the Salvation Army drop-box in my drive to 'un-clutter'. Email me!

  23. Thanks for this - we're visiting friends living in the Hague (perhaps you are neighbors) and I was wondering about good host gifts - peanut butter and books sounds about perfect!

  24. Ah - and I have a list of the things I miss that I can only seem to find in Europe, particularly The Netherlands.

    -Cassis soda. It's all I drink while in Europe other than koffie. LOVE cassis.

    -that cheese that is spreadable with the herbs in it? Kind of a sharp cream cheese? Love that stuff. One of the department stores (the multi-story ones with the cafeteria with a great view at the top? I know there is one in Leiden and in Groningen, just can't think of the name of it) sells a broodje filled with this kind of cheese - love the bread it is served on too. Looks like a small hoagie roll only softer with nuts and seeds? YUMMMM. That cafeteria also has the worlds BEST creamy mushroom soup.

    -Snack foods. Love those puff covered peanut things with the spicy coating.

    -yougurt. seriously. European yogurt is totally different from the gross gloopy stuff they call yogurt here. Love the plain liquid style yogurt with european muslix.

    -cheese shops

    - chocolate shops

    - fries from Febo (yeah really) but not the Dutch way. I love the look of the Dutch when I tell them I want mustard to dip my fries ;)

    I am sure I am missing half of my list at least.