Tuesday, May 29

Are you Havin' a Laugh?

I found this game over at Julia's place. She confesses that she borrowed the idea from Toni. The way Toni tells it, she got the notion from Kelly. I don't know the lineage of the entertainment past that point. You want more than that? You'll have to do the research yourself.

But this particular brand of fun goes like this. Into the Google search bar you type your name and the word 'needs'. And then you sit back for your education and enlightenment. Multiple pages of hits appeared for me (can't miss with a name like Jenn) but I will list only the top five which also share the spelling of my name. That double 'n' thing is important, you know.

And now without further ado, I give you,


1. Jenn needs coffee.
This being the first hit for me was hilarious, given my recent coffee confessions and all.

2. Jenn needs help filling out the capital expense report.
Uh... yeah. And while your at it, could you explain to Jenn what a capital expense report is in the first place? Keep in mind that I'm a dancer, not a business whoop-de-doo. I don't have a whole lot of experience in this kind of thing. The last I checked, no instructor counted down the beginning of a combination with a gusty '5-6-7-capital expense report'. At least not in any of the classes I attended.

Admittedly, it's been awhile. Things might have changed.

3. Jenn needs a puppy. Badly.
This is a fully loaded truth. The reality is that Jenn's kids want a puppy. Badly. Unfortunately, before that happens they will have to swap this mom for one of the not-allergic-to-animals kind. There are days they just might do that if the trade off is a dog.

Actually, there is new hope in some of the new non-allergenic breeds they are doodling around with. Like that Labradoodle? Just might work for us.

4. Jenn needs a vacation.

Totally true. And before you launch in and remind me that I just had a weekend in Milan without kids, may I remind you that the get-away included a sad, sad announcement. So how this one really should read is: Jenn needs a vacation WITHOUT BAD NEWS.

5. Jenn needs a healthy dose of sweet caffeine.

Seriously, how do these folks at Google know me so well? A dose of sweet caffeine sounds like just the thing, and so I will now wrap this up and get to the unwrapping of a bar of chocolate.
Ah, sweet, healthy dose.

And now, I ask you. What is it you need?
And then I answer for you with another question. Why don't you go Google it and find out?


My darling daughter has created a blog page of her own. Please visit her here and enjoy the read!


  1. Yours are so unvulgar! I did this search once and the first two results were "Jennifer needs a smack daddy" and "Jennifer needs a cold shower!" I stopped there for fear of going any further...
    Thanks for your lovely comment today. Jennifer

  2. Haha! I just looked again and the list has altered slightly in the last couple of days. If I played with today's list it would include "jenn needs lovin'" and "jenn needs a hot rod".
    that just might be true. Honey? Come home soon.

  3. I've done this before, and I just rechecked, and my number 1 is still: Meredith needs to mind her own business.

  4. Well now.. apparently I need sensitivity training, a dead man to save my daughter's life (odd, that one), a good lawyer (can't help but wonder if Google knows something I don't), and a breath freshener for Christmas (ok, I admit to not having time to shower each day, but I do brush my teeth, and how can waiting until Christmas help me?)

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  5. Meredith-
    I for one, am very happy that you got into my business! I like that you mind it here.

    Those are great. Since you already do the teeth brushing thing, is there something else you need for Christmas?

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I tried it first with my real first name. I learned that I need to win sexiest vegetarian. I also apparently need a job, according to several results. Hmmmm, this internet knows me so well. The best part is that most of the results that came up for me were bloggers doing this exact Meme!

    Then I tried it with "Brillig" and the first bunch of stuff was stuff from my own blog. Awwww, I'm the only Brillig with needs!

  7. Brillig-
    Yeah, sure, get a job will ya?
    Maybe I should get one too, but I am having too much fun with blogging as my new fulltime occupation!

  8. come see mine


  9. I did this a while back. Here's what I got:

    ...needs two hands to keep things steady

    ...needs a good crowding

    ...needs your help now!

    ...needs to go

    ...needs to find ten things I need

    ...needs to find a boyfriend so her acidic mother Flo won't think she is gay, celibate or repellant to men.

    ...needs to chill out, calm, down, and stop blaming...

    ...needs to be your style

    ...needs a good reason to work on her reading


    What I REALLY need is for you to send me some of that Droste chocolate!!!!!

  10. songbird-
    Those are actually hilarious needs. especially the long winded one about mother flo and her concerns about your love life! That's funny.
    This particular meme fun makes me giggle!
    Chocolate blessings coming to you as soon as I have an address to send it to! :) (horrid grammar, I know, but I was going for the rhyme)

  11. Hmmm... brillig and I must share something more than an affection for your blog. My first hit was a need to win "sexiest veg." Thanks for another entertaining list.

    BTW, you might consider a wheaten terrier. We have one, thanks to my own allergies, and it's been an affectionate and wonderful addition to our family. And if it likes to run off with a bit of German farm ham or a plate of brownies, well, we've gotten used to it. There are always poodles, too.

  12. anno-
    I have heard of the Wheaton Terriers. I shall have to do some more research. In my heart I am a big dog girl, and my choices seem a little limited in the non allergenic dogs.Meaning that the lap dogs is what is available. That's why the Labradoodle has caught my eye, but I think that the WT is a medium size doggie, yes?
    Thanks for the counsel. And your kind words.

  13. tin-
    I keep forgetting to add, your list is great! Thanks for playing and thanks for the link. I think I have heard the phrase 'thanks for the linky love'. That seems suitable.
    I appreciate it.

  14. It must work well with English names only. Marloes doesn't seem to need al that much..

  15. marloes-
    Yes, I fear you may be right. It needs a more common name to get the hilarious hits. I imagine if you tried "marlo" you might find some interesting things...

  16. Jenn needs coffee and sweet caffeine - that sounds just heavenly.

    Glad you played! That was fun reading yours.

  17. julia-
    well I am glad I could steal the idea (and the picture idea from you!)

  18. Too funny!!!
    Most days google is a close friend of mine.
    I am going to email you in a bit Jenn!

  19. Oh yes, and how could I forget...
    Tori needs...to ROCK!

  20. Vacations yea, I'm with you on that one. But puppies??? :)

    I'm not an animal person which completely kills my daughter who swears she's growing up to have a farm and a million animals.

  21. tori-
    I loved your note. Thanks for sending an email. (I love email)
    ROCK ON baby!

    You're an ALASKAN! Shouldn't you have a whole team of dogs? Mush, scribbit, Mush!

  22. Tried it with "Rebecca needs" and my top 5 are: enlightenment, support, to choose a database, just one good dramatic role, and your help today!. Hmmm. Food for thought...Thanks for the inspiration dear blogger!

  23. becca-
    Motherhood is not a dramatic enough role for ya?

  24. Apparently Teresa needs to "lay off the sauce!!!"

    Now that is funny!