Monday, December 31

I Got Words in My Head

Considering three things at the time of this writing.

1. It's New Year's Eve day. That means the time has arrived to consider the resolutions of 2008 in earnest.

2. It's New Year's Eve day. That means the Christmas tree at our house has got to come down. It's beginning to droop anyway, and Andrew has discovered the joy of knocking the branches to watch the needles shower down to the floor. I am over that already.

3. It's New Year's Eve day. That means--in Holland--the yearly fest of creating firework havoc has begun. Even before the alarm rang this morning, the bang-bang-bangity-bang of rockets and firecrackers awakened all of us. And that, friends, is nothing compared to what is yet to come when the clock strikes midnight here.

And yet, you wonder just what weaves these three things together? I shall tell you.
It can be summed up in a song. Not just any old song, mind you. But an anthem of my day.

Yeah, I got the music in me.

Some days you just wake up ready to tackle it all, don't you? (and conversely, some days you wake up unable to take any of it on) I am having a morning on order of the first.
I am ready to set the goals, get it all tidied up, and get set to bring it all in with a bang.

And I will be belting it out all day. Because,

"Ain't got no trouble in my life
No foolish dreams to make me cry
I'm never frightened or worried
I know I'll always get by

I heat up, I cool down
When something gets in my way I go round it
Won't let life get me down
Gonna take it the way that I found it

Some say that life is a circle
But that ain't the way that I found it
Gonna move in a straight line
Keeping my feet firmly on the ground

I heat up, I cool down
I got words in my head so I'll say them
Won't let life get me down
Catch a hold of my blues and just play them

I got the music in me
I got the music in me
I got the music in me..."

SMID's Music Monday

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  1. Just as well there will be plenty of noise from the fireworks...

    Happy New Year

  2. WHAT A GREAT VIDEO CLIP!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm groovin' in the office now - got more files to plow through but, hey, I got the music in me!

    Happy New Year. A perfect song to end the year with.

  3. You GO, girl! Hahaha. Super Happy New Year's Eve to you, dearest.

  4. Fabuloso clip! And I'd be so over Andrew doing that, too, lol, but the image was great. And happy, happy New Year!!!

  5. What a great way to end the year. Great clip..... I'm groovin. Happy New Year !

  6. Oh, that song is infectious! What a groove! (I actually referred to it in a blog post just the other day!)

    And Kudos for you for getting that Christmas tree down. It's on my to-do list. And today, I'm not ready to tackle anything. Except maybe Dave.

  7. Wow, with that music in your head, you must have been truly grooving on through your day. Made my day just hearing it and I'm still tapping my toes ;-)