Thursday, December 13

Spot Check

The status report from Jenn's place:

The youngest is sick (yet again) with a barking cough. Sounds something akin to a TB patient. Might be why I get strange looks on the tram when I take him out in public.

The middle one is on emotional overload. Should she go to the Winter Ball tomorrow night for her middle school or not? Yes, no, yes, no, maybe. If only she had something to wear. Fairy Godmother? Anyone?

The oldest is copping a 'tude. His chores undone, his schoolbag tossed carelessly in the hall. Seems like it might be high time for a holiday from school.

The Dad is fine by all reports. He doesn't sleep much lately. He says it's beginning to feel normal.

The Mom is holding it together, albeit by narrow threads. Good thing Mom nerves are strong as spider silk.

And so, no good blogging to be done tonight. I shall put off the report of all things Sinterklaas and promise you that forthcoming. I will however leave you with this pre-pakjesavond conversation. It might make you giggle.

That's a good thing.

"There! I've got it done. The gifts are all wrapped and the poems are written. It's just down to you to take care of my stuff.

"Your stuff? What stuff?"

"You know, my gift and my poem which you're going to write yourself."

"Awwwww, I don't want to write a poem."


"But I'm no good at writing poems, can't you write one for yourself?"

"Nope. I wrote all the others and it's kinda lame if I have to write my own. That's your job this year."

"I just don't think I can do it."

"And yet, you must."

"So this poem that I HAVE TO write for you, does it have to be long? Is it supposed to rhyme?Can I write it in any format I want or are there special rules?"

"It can be anything you want, it just has to be a poem."

"Anything I want?"

"Yup. Anything."

"Cool. So I can write a haiku?"


  1. So glad that you checked in...


  2. Now I see that if I had had 3, then the problems would have been spread out a bit better (Ha Ha). DD1 has the "crud", complete with fever, chesty cough causing people to look at us horrified and move away. This follows major meltdown Sunday. I am at my wits end on this (sigh). DD2 is feeling left out, which she is. DH has fled to Paris, claiming it was a business trip he couldn't get out of. Yeah, right. And of course the school board is at odds with the Parent's Council leading to the 4th meeting this month that I will need to attend tomorrow night.

    I am not having fun. I don't even have anything creative to say about it in a blog. I am a bad blog-friend. No wonder nobody loves me anymore! But of course I am your loyal reader.

    Beterschap to all! And I want to read the Sint haiku!

  3. My, it sounds like you could use a vacation, or two. Good thoughts sent for you and your brood!

    Hang in there, this too shall pass.

    Will you share the poem? I'm sure it's going to be something else.

  4. Sounds like that conversation was rather... timely? Of course, you could have demanded a much bigger present to make up for the lack of a poem (and in my book, a haiku = a present 3 x as big...)

  5. Oh my goodness... the haiku thing cracked me up! My ds has one of those coughs from time to time. And he's got that TUDE too right now.

  6. All the kids at school are hyper and have some kind of tude right now. I agree.... it's time for Christmas break. Good luck....


  7. Awww where to begin. My 7 year olds throw their bags. Oh dear.

    And the poem of choice is a haiku? Damn the haiku!!

  8. Oh yes! A haiku! Is there any better poetry? I think not.


  9. well isn't it great that a poem becomes less of a chore to do when it can be a haiku :p

    hope everyone is getting better in The Hague... Keep the bugs inside please as we'll be spending New Year's even in Scheveningen (and maybe cheer for a friend who might risk the dive in the sea on Jan 1st?!?).

  10. Hope you're all feeling better and that things are going more smoothly now.

    Actually, who am I kidding? 'Tis the season to lose one's marbles-- the runup to Christmas seems to get more insane every year!

    Anyway, hope you're surviving-- Happy holidays!

  11. Yeah, I understand the 'tude thing. We're dealing with that, too.

    And what Betsy said.

    And Leslie? Chant it with me: "HAIKU! HAIKU! HAIKU! HAIKU! HAIKU! HAIKU! HAIKU! ..."

  12. I love the haiku! It's a nightmare to get my husband to wrap a gift much less add a little ribbon or card. Geez, what I wouldn't give for a haiku.

  13. For FC:

    'Cuz this time of year
    Can really stress people out -
    Haiku to relax!

  14. Me, I'm just a little giddy over the passion and outburst that the mention of HAIKU brings.
    Jami, once again, in all things poetry (hell, in all things LIFE) I bow to you. Excellent sentiment in 5-7-5!

  15. I'm working on posting my Singular Saturday--AND, am I right, this is your birthday? Happy Birthday!!