Thursday, December 6

Will Work for Food

Shhh! I can't talk now, I am in the middle of preparing a Surprise (Soo-pree-zah) for a co-worker. Standard to the Sinterklaas celebration we will have a work party tomorrow evening, complete with a visit from the Sint. We have exchanged names and will exchange gifts accordingly tomorrow--in anonymity as all gifts for this holiday come from Sint himself.

I am working diligently to finish up a hand crocheted sjaal (neck scarf) which I have stiched in all the in-between-minutes of my life, which then I will tie around a bottle of wine to present to one of my favorite people on the staff. I must also figure out how best to disguise the box I wrap to make it an appropriate surprise.

Then, there's one more thing, and this is where you, my friends and my readers, come in. Attached to each gift the Sint delivers there is a poem. This poem generally contains some information about the gift itself and about the receiver. Meaning, it is the perfect venue for Sint to talk about/tease/cajole that person. For instance, my darling husband comes to bed in the winter with his socks on which is something I tend to tease him mercilessly about. His gift last night was a framed series of photographs I took one day while he and I were out together. The poem read in part like this:

There once was a boy, name of Don
who slept with his long stockings on!
"In the winter" says he
"I'm as cold as can be--
with the temperature ten below one!"

Back when the sun shone so bright
With Jenn he saw two birds in flight.
She was quick with the lens
and with flash now and then
She captured the moment just right!

I have to admit, after the fun of last night's visit for the children and our guests, I am a little Sint-poem'ed out. So I turn to you, masters of all that rhymes, for your ideas and your assistance. In the comments section, leave me a verse or two, or hey, an entire poem and I will ... what?

Be forever grateful? Uh-huh.

Sing your praises? Absolutely.

Send you chocolate? Yup.

You heard me, assist me with this poem and I will send you a Sint treat via the post. Yes, this is me stooping to bribery to escape five minutes of work. Really, there are no depths to which I will not sink.

Info about the recipient here:

Her name is Marie
She is a teacher
At the ISH
She comes from Nova Scotia
She is new in The Netherlands
She is blonde, tiny and incredibly sweet
She tap dances
She lived in Ireland
She loves her wine
It doesn't take much of that before she is a little loopy
That's what I call her: Little Loopy
She is great with the kids
Especially mine

Go forth now: be creative, rhythmic and rhymey. This is an offer you can't I hope you won't refuse.


  1. Putting my thinking cap on... I'll be back later to dazzle you with my wit.

    And not just because I love you, but also because, um, someone said CHOCOLATE! :-D

  2. Hahahahaha!
    I just knew it would work!

  3. Oooooh, a challenge. Maybe you can get Canuckistan (our friend's word for Canada) in there? What rhymes with Canuckistan?

  4. A verse with Canuckistan gets double chocolate!

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  6. (Screwed it up above. Now fixed)

    Going for the double!

    A sweet little blond from Canuckistan
    Went to Ireland but then had another plan.
    She thought, "Tulips are fine,
    And I love kids and good wine."
    So Little Loopy is now in the Netherlands.

    (I got in as much as I could in one verse.)

  7. Holy crap, Jami! I am speechless. You have set the standards high here...
    Come on folks--bring it!!

  8. Oh no, I simply cannot go up against the brilliant Jami. Not only is she the queen of Haikus but now all things poetry.

    I think we should just bow to the mistress now.

  9. Oh, good flippin' holy ciminently, Jami's good!!!!

  10. There is a teacher who is fine
    So sweet to all kids, particularly mine
    She dances with swish
    She teaches at ISH
    She knows fine foods go with wine.

    A horrid, pale comparison to Jami. But I didn't want to let my beloved Jenn down. But please, send those chocolates to Texas where they belong.

  11. I love SMID, but seriously, Jami won this won. And with Canuckistan!

  12. Sheesh - who is that SMID? That is pitiful!!

    I vote for Jami's.

  13. Off to the party now...
    I will be sure to tell you how it all rolls out when the poem of perfection (wow, Jami!) is read out!
    Thanks for playing everyone!

  14. Well,I missed this until today, but Jami you ROCK! And I couldn't have possibly come near that one...

  15. Indeed, great poem! All my Sintpoems look like some cat has danced on the keyboard...

  16. Well I have just tried 2 comments and Murphy seems to have extended his visit from yesterday (I'll tell ya' later). Jami definitely has earned a chocolate "J". I'm glad I didn't see this or I would have been tempted to try, but I know when I have witnessed a master in action.

  17. I'm a little late to join in, but I think Jami had you covered, which makes me sort of proud since she is the original Haiku Buckaroo. It certainly gives creedence to the award. Even though it isn't a haiku in this instance, I've decided that doesn't matter.

    I hope your gift was well-received!

  18. Oh I'm late to the poem-a-thon competition LOL--but hey, Jami had it nailed on the first outing! (and hey, an honorable mention needs to be made to SMID, and possibly a chocolate KISS for her entry).

    Now inquiring minds want to know, how did it go?

  19. A little late and a chocolate short.... darn ! I love chocolate too. But that's ok, Jami did a fine job. We do a secret santa at work. We will be doing it soon and it's so much fun.