Monday, December 15

Beginning to Look

I am not sure it is Christmas for me until the tunes are on. I have my favorites of course, and then there are the songs that annoy and irritate more than get one in the mood. But, Christmas and music are the must do coupling before THE SPIRIT arrives for me.

I remember putting the LP's onto the turntable and carefully placing the needle into the first groove. And then came the scratches and the pops and underneath all of that the magical sounds of Christmas tunes. Ah, me, the memories. I could, and did, sing along for hours.

So, lights, candles, music, it's all happening here. What is helping you set the stage for the Christmas groove?

Sing it out to me, baby.

Music Monday hosted at Soccer Mom in Denial


  1. I cannot get enough of the Charlie Brown Christmas music. I don't care if it is played in commercials, elevators, etc, I just LOVE it.

    And the boys' piano teacher played a little after lessons on Friday. I thought littly lady would lose it. She started dancing up a storm!!

  2. See, now I'm the exact opposite when it comes to Christmas music. By the time Christmas actually comes around I'm sick to death of it. I find that people start the "season" way too early for my tastes.

    To me it's Christmas when the Rudolph special comes on TV. :)

  3. I'm into the music thing, too. It really makes it for me.

  4. All about the music for me!

    ...and I'm with SMID... the Charlie Brown Christmas music is one of my favorite Christmas CD's. How can you not love Vince Guraldi's cooler than cool music?

  5. Seeing Perry Como in your video. I remember how much I like hearing Perry sing Ave Maria. Another tradition that I loved as a child was going to our church on evening the second Sunday in Advent and hearing the preacher read Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol in his booming yet eloquent voice. Driving around town looking at the Christmas lights brings joy to this aging heart.