Monday, December 8

Ode to Friendship

This morning as I was cycling into school with Andrew on the seat behind me, we stopped at the light next to another parent from school (his kids were loaded into the large wooden box in front of his bike--we call it a bakfiets around here and the design originally was for deliveries from the bakeries etc. Nowadays, it delivers kids). He mentioned that he wanted to swing by the office to talk to me sometime because he had been surfing the internet and had stumbled across this blog. He said some very nice made-me-feel-all-warm-and-fuzzy things about it and then mentioned that he was very interested in blogging himself. So, of course that's all the lead in I needed to wax poetic about how much I love blogging and what an incredible avenue it is for meeting people all over the world and for forming deep connections and building great friendships and making communities happen and supporting causes and, and, and....

And I ran on at the mouth, effusively bubbling over with the great things that blogging brings.

For instance?

A bestest friend I met through this avenue and bonded with by word, and then by hobby, long before I met her in person.

And that person?

She's having a birthday today. (It's kind of a big one... but I won't give away which number--she might though, just check out her post!)
So, in celebration of blogging, of community, of friendship and bonding, join me please in wishing Allison of Soccer Mom in Denial the happiest of Happy Birthdays!

(If you sing it out loud at your computer, it totally counts for Music Monday celebration too!)

Happy Birthday, my friend. Ik hou van jou.


  1. AHHHHHHHHHH...... Hoops and Yoyo!

    Considering the 7:50am train didn't show, then the 8:15 didn't show and the information line wouldn't say when the next train was coming, and it is -8C, so I drove myself to the subway. Then the coffee guys screwed up my coffee. Now I'm 2 hours late for work and can barely type because my hands are so cold.

    Oh - and no one said Happy Birthday to me when we got up this morning. They had to call me on my cell when they remembered.

    So I needed an "or else" message from my favorite friend. 'Cuz I don't think anything special is actually happening today.

    Thanks, love.

  2. I did send my cheers and hugs already... ;)

  3. Jennifer,

    Do you ever sell photos? You are really quite amazing.

  4. My cellphone told me it was her birthday! Which reminded me to do Music Monday. Which is about Christmas - sorry, hon, you got mixed in with a holiday. Not singing out loud at my desk - would scare everyone and get me fired or sent off in an ambulance.