Friday, March 30

Holland's Own

To my good friend in Hilversum who email linked me to this new fodder for my blog-- Dank je wel!

Is the next Dutch Idol among them?


  1. You don't need my help! Great job with the video.

  2. Ok I had time to actually WATCH the video. Was that suppose to be a parody?

  3. Unfortunately no, it is not a parody. This is the parade of rejects from the "Dutch Idol" competition. Similar to the way William Hung shot to fame a few years ago in the U.S. after his American Idol audition, this is the Dutch version of setting up those who made the "bad auditions" show.

    I have to admit, I giggle as much at this as I ever did watching W. Hung's "She Bangs". Does that make me warped and heartless?

  4. Okay -- so the Dutch take great pride in their windows and their nic-nacs. But what about their teeth!? They're not "simply the best," are they :)

  5. Oh my! That was so funny when the audience was plugging their ears. And as much as I do not enjoy IDOL, I like to watch the rejects when they show them on our news networks. At least I can find some humorous value in it, eh?
    p.s. thanks for stopping by.