Monday, March 5

Rain Delay

From a phone call this morning:

"Hallo, Jennifer? You speak with ONINGS, the garden center."


"We do your garden work and have today an appointment to come and work at your garden."

"yes, I know."

"Well, today it is going to rain ALL day and well, we cannot.... we should have to..... I mean to say we need to come through the house to the back garden and it's going to rain ALL day."


"Yes, and it wouldn't be so nice to come through the house with all the things.... all the equipment... because it is going to rain ALL day. So that wouldn't be so nice."


"So I will call you another time to make an appointment to do your garden. I will call you for a time when it is not raining ALL day."

"Sure. That sounds fine"

"Okay, well then, speak to you another time."

"Okay. Goodbye."

And just how much rain has fallen today between that 8:00 a.m. phone call and the 2:00 p.m. writing of this post?

Precisely, NONE.

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