Friday, April 20

15 Certain Signs of Sun

Friday Fifteen

Join in and play!

All photos taken with my Canon EOS 400D.

Shots of my neighborhood, my house, the local beach etc.

Here Comes the Sun!


  1. Great pictures! They bring me right in the summer mood!

    Last sunday we were in Scheveningen and it was fabulous out, just very very very very busy.

  2. While I loved the images (and I think the sun is actually emerging this morning in our rain soaked part of the world) I was really impressed with the slide show.

    You are quite the techie!

  3. SMID-
    It makes me appear to be quite a techie, but it was a super easy program to use. And it's all online. If you want to do a slideshow just click on the tab that says "get your own". It takes you straight to the site and teaches you how to do it. Easy breezy. And fun.

    Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

    most of those shots were taken last sunday, but we headed out kijkduin way for our outing. I know Scheveningen is a crazy busy beach all summer!

  4. Hi Jenn,

    thanks for visiting my website. Did you see my pictures of Scheveningen last week?
    Having lived in an appartment near "het zwarte pad" for a year, I know how crowded Scheveningen can be and how hopeless it is to try to get there by car on a sunny day! Never been to Kijkduin though as I just had to get out of my door to get on the beach. Those were the days!

    About the ironing...thank you for the offer, I like to visit The Hague very much, but not really to do some more ironing there ;).

  5. hi jenn,

    thanks for sharing the slide show. great shots!

    and thanks for stopping by, too :) have a good week end!

  6. You really gotta love the sight of all that white, Northern European skin - it almost blinded me!

    Aardig mooie, Jenn.

  7. What a great slideshow and a creative Friday Fifteen. I love seeing your pictures!!!

  8. goofball-
    yes I did see your beach pictures and read the post too. Sounds like it was a perfect day for you. And a great escape after all your work!

    Ha! I am afraid our own desert skin has become just as pasty white after living over here. It shocks me sometimes to see my skin sooooo white and then I sigh as I miss that good Arizona sun!

    thanks for all the great comments today. I have tried to comment at yours (both) but keep running into technical trouble. (with my memory, not your site!)

  9. Very nice, thank you,
    have a good weekend

  10. Hi Jenn.

    Loved these pictures. Just seeing them made me feel warmer!!