Friday, April 6

15 Dutch Foods I Have Eaten

Eaten them all. Most of them more than once. Several could indeed be called favorites.

1. Kroket
a deep fried concoction of beef or potato or vegetables. always available at the automat slots in the train station or at the snack stands.

2. Frikandel
a minced meat sausagey thing. like a hot dog, but not at all.

3. Patat or Frites
technically Belgian. thick cut fries served in a paper cone or box. dipping sauces include mayonnaise, curry ketchup, or pinda saus (peanut sauce).

4. Appletaart
dutch apple pie. crust is more cake like than the american version. also has raisins. served with fresh cream.

5. Sausage broodje
sausage inside a pastry. served warm or cold.

6. Nasi Goreng
indonesian fried rice. also must haves at a rijstafel: Bami Goreng, Satay, Babi Pangang...

7. Shoarma
another food not necessarily Dutch in origin, but totally Dutch by adoption. a spicy shaved meat served with pita bread, garlic sauce and hot chili sauce.

8. Stroopwafel
waffle type cookies with caramel filling pressed between. best hot off the grill at a market stand.

9. Cheese
nothing better than this. any flavor, any time.

10. Loempia
vietnamese egg roll. fresh off the loempia trucks with hot sauce or sweet sauce. my 13-year old can't keep money in his pocket if there is a loempia stand nearby.

11. Erwtensoep
split pea soup. i have learned to make a killer pot of my own. very yummy when it's very cold outside.

12. Kibbeling
chunks of white fish, deep fried. served with a choice of dipping sauce. perfect market shopping day treat.

13. Hutspot
potatoes, onions, carrots. mashed together.

14. Poffertjes
little poofy pancakes. best when served fresh off the grill with dripping butter and powdered sugar.

15. Koffie
you may think it's a drink, but here in holland coffee is a form of sustenance. the Dutch run on the stuff. it is always served hot and strong. a cup of coffee is available anywhere from the cafes to the snack bars and you can find a free cup at the grocery store. but don't wander into a Coffeeshop and ask for a cup. you won't find koffie there.

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  1. Oh I like lumpia too--and the puffy pancake things sound fabulous.

    Sounds like I could make a whole day of eating there--I'd love to try all of that.

  2. No fresh herring, yet?

  3. My husband had a meeting in Utrecht recently and came back with the best Gouda I've ever eaten. He talked me out of taking the whole family along with him. Sigh.

  4. Haring? Nope! Not for me. I keep trying to tak my son into eating one. Doing it on a dare so to speak, but he won't budge until I do. And therefore, he will never experience it! :)

    And the cheese? Ah, the cheese. When we leave here (years from now?) it will be difficult to adjust to life without Dutch cheese.

  5. My mom and dad made the best lumpia. And sate, and nasi goreng, and...

    Oh, man, I'm so hungry now. I wish I could find a good Indonesian restaurant here, but not a big call for it in Phoenix, I guess. Not even a bad one!

    I'd sell my soul for a sausage broodje right now...

  6. YUMMMMMM. I am now very hungry and craving things that there is no way to find in this neck of the woods.....