Monday, April 23

Generation Gap

"Hey Mom. Do you know who Nelly Furtado is? "

"Uh-huh. Of course."

"Do you like her music?"

"Yeah. As a matter of fact I do."

"Me too. Maria went to her concert in Amsterdam. She said it was really good.... Have you ever been to someone's concert before?"

"Yes. I have. Lots of 'em."

"Wow! Really? Who have you seen in concert? I mean is it anybody I would know? Is it anybody, you know.... good?"


  1. Oh. No. What I have to look forward to!

    Depeche Mode was my first concert (it was the 80's) - will that count as "good"?

  2. SMID-
    She is standing here as I am looking at my comments and she says "no... no idea."


  3. I mentioned Erasure to my 23 year old assistant and got a blank stare...but I did find her listening to The Smith's later that week! Thankfully, I don't have to worry that she's embarrassed by me - I know she is!!

  4. Ambassador-
    It's good to know our status isn't it?
    We have done our best to saturate the kids with "our" music... but now that they are getting older, we are finding the drift toward what they think is cool just the tiniest bit disquieting.
    At least we still have the little guy who is currently into ALL THINGS WIGGLES. There is still time to keep him on our side of the generation gap!

  5. Earth Wind and Fire was my first concert....don't think my girls would remember them.....

    I love that photo for the photo hunt what a great interpretation of the theme.....what a clever boy....

  6. Goeddag, Jenn!

    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

    Regarding concerts, I have seen some great ones. I wonder what my 8 year old will thinkg when I get all sentimental about having seen The Rolling Stones, and Santana and some other names she will only know from history.

    I will definately NOT tell her about some concert-related acitivites from my youth.

  7. My kids think I'm cool because the last two concerts I attended were U2 and John Mellencamp. Of course, with the price of concert tickets these days, no one in the family will be attending concerts anytime soon.

    Now, if my daughter asks me to take her to one of her Disney "pop" star concerts (Hilary Duff, Hannah Montana, etc.), I might have to gag...

  8. rn-
    nice of you to stop by and thanks for the comments! I love Earth, Wind and Fire by the way.

    You are welcome. You should know I have been lurking over there for awhile. I just finally stopped to chatter awhile. Dank je wel for coming round to mine.
    And, yeah... let's keep that concert behavior quiet!

    ooh-ick. HM and HD concerts would make me gag too. Thankfully Emma came and went through the liking HD phase pretty quickly...
    Lucky you for seeing U2 and my main man John recently. It's been awhile since I have been able to indulge in a good concert!

  9. Finally a subject I can contribute to. Having two post teens and two pre teens the gaps are interesting. My pride and joy has to be my youngest with coaching from his father knows not only everyword to an entire Bee-Gees double disc set, his other favorites include ELO, James Taylor, Queen, Elton John, Billie Joel and to throw everyone off...Donny Osmond.
    But of course being eight there are Blackeyed peas, Gwen Steffani, and anyone else with questionable lyrics. Our latest obsession to add to the HM and HD list The Naked Brothers Band on Nick.
    As for concerts, how many of you can boast three yes three NYSNC concerts on your list?

  10. That is too funny!

    My first concert was Belinda Carlisle on her 'Heaven on Earth' tour. My mom took me for my 9th birthday, and to this day, I still remember what I wore from head to toe!

  11. Etch-
    You are a dedicated mother to spend the time at THREE NSync concerts! As ever, my hat is off to you!

    Do tell, did you dress up just like Belinda? I simply must know!

  12. Confession: My first concert was New Kids on the Block!!! And actually it was AWESOME!

    To redeem myself - my last concerts were RUSH, U2, the Cranberries and Depeche Mode - all over ten years ago!!! Yikes - age is creeping again!

  13. Teresa-
    I so wish concert going wasn't part of my "past" but it certainly doesn't happen so very often any more. Thus the question from Emma in the first place. She hasn't seen us go out to much that she remembers in recent years. Of course, that could be all about the timing of that bonus baby of ours!