Tuesday, April 10

Jiggety Jig

My family and I spent the holiday weekend in the city of Brussels, capital city of the European Union. Just in case facts like that interest you. Brussels is really a magnificent city; the skyline is stunning with ornamented towers and a city hall on the Grand Place square that inspires awe and reverence. I was delighted to spend some time with my new lens for the Canon. Detail gazing took on fresh meaning as I focused the zoom.

I couldn't ask for more than hours of wandering a historical city with camera in hand.

I didn't actually get that, but I couldn't have wanted it more.
Instead, I got snatches of time to shoot in between keeping track of a three-year-old pigeon chaser and keeping up with the appetite of a ravenous thirteen-year-old. Lucky thing we were in Belgium where the all-time-favorite food served at snack shops and kiosks throughout the city is this:

Though they are delicious at any time they touch your lips and slide into your stomach, the delight of eating a Belgian waffle in Belgium takes on meaning beyond explanation. It is extraordinary eating. A taste bud treat.

Of course, if waffles don't suit you then there is always this:

Yep. It's chocolate. A spinning, swirling, sloshing fountain of chocolate. Look again.

And while we are on the subject of things flowing, no trip to Brussels is complete without a visit to The Mannekin Pis. In French he is called Petit Julien, but please. Mannekin PIS is just so much more fun to say. It kinda feels naughty and that alone pleases someone like me immensely.

The legend behind the little man goes something like this. Back in the day of 1619 a nobleman lost his son and was distraught. During the search for the little guy he declared that he would erect a statue in his honor wherever he was found. And when he was found? Uh-huh. He was peeing. Thus the creation of a tiny little man whose fountain now flows 24/7/365 and people like me line up to take pictures of it.

Often he is naked, but this weekend he was in scuba gear. Word on the street is that he has a wardrobe of 600 outfits so the statue can be changed at a whim to reflect whatever his dressers please on the day. Bring on the paparazzi! Hollywood celebrities have nothing on the petite peeing man of Brussels.

The Easter Bunny managed to find us in our hotel rooms on Saturday night. When the kids woke on Sunday morning it was to the sight of baskets on the nightstands and dozens of foil wrapped chocolate eggs decorating the room. Specifically, Andrew woke to the sight of eggs scattered in the room; Emma reports that her first vision of Easter was a close-up of Andrew's cherubic face as he sat poised over her begging her to wake up. As she peeled back an eyelid, he popped a newly unwrapped chocolate egg into her mouth and said "Look Emma! CHOCOLATE!"

Now, that's an enviable wake up call.


  1. Hello, I found you through Milk and Honey. I love your entry with the beautiful pictures of Brussels and the sweet sleeping child.

    What a delight to see the funny Mannekin Pis doing just that. He,he...

  2. What fantastic photos you have taken! Some day I will travel all of Europe and see these beautiful sights that I've heard so much about. I'd better bring bigger clothes because if there are waffles like this in kiosks, I cannot be held responsible for the eating binge that will take place!

  3. I. Want. Your. Life. Now. Please?

    Those photos are lovely. Keep up the shooting.

  4. I found you through Milk & Honey also...those waffles look heavenly. What a wonderful way to spend a holiday.

    Like the uni on the little guy!

  5. The Mannekin Pis is too cute; what a great story! I would've waited in line to get a good shot of that myself!

  6. oh wow, great pictures. You can make Brussels look so more attractive than I usually see it through my own eyes. I guess I am often not in the mood to see the city's beauty when I am around there. Sometimes you need a foreigner to point out the beauty of it all :). Thanks for that.

  7. Soooo jealous you get to be an expat in a country with good food.

    So jealous.