Friday, March 14

Coming Apart at the Seams

Two days ago as I was working through the morning preparations to get myself ready for my workday, I stepped into my favorite pair of black slacks. These trousers are evocative of so many things for me: They were an accidental eBay find when I was "shopping" for something else entirely. I bid on a whim and celebrated when the email arrived that I had won the auction. I have loved them deeply ever since they arrived in the post from the UK. Purchased just months after our arrival in The Netherlands, they have been (up to this year) the one piece of dress up clothing in my closet. Generally relying on the mommy uniform of jeans and oversize t-shirts in my life at home with my youngest son, the trousers haven't seen too much action outside of the wardrobe. That's all right. Some things are meant to be kept precious. And untouched. My attire of choice worn to the important events and moments of the past two and a half years, these are the trousers which have a story, or several stories to tell. If I were to assign further meaning to this article of clothing, they remind me that sometimes, when you are not really looking for it you can find something perfect.

After pulling the zipper to the waistband top, I realized that I had a problem. Upon close inspection I saw that there was a slight gap between zipper and fabric; otherwise known as a hole. I cringed and then sighed as it came full view to my attention that there was a crisis on my hands.

Something was broken.

And it needed mending.

Normally, my response in crisis--and I mean real crisis--is swift and effective. Without a moment's hesitation I dive in to sort any mess or handle any conflict. But this crisis, this moment of a broken zipper in my favorite pair of pants made me pause, then gasp, then nearly fall apart. And in that split second of sagging shoulders, stomping feet and quiet utterance of several inappropriate grown up words I figured something out.

If it's worth it, I can fix it.

Moments later I sat cross-legged on the edge of the bed with needle and thread in hand. I ignored the crunch of time and examined the problem from every angle possible. Then I took it to task and closed the gap. It's not perfection in sewing. None of my skills really merit a title like that. But it is workable. And like many things once repaired, that spot which stood bare and open is strong and stable now.

I love these pants. I think it's safe to say they are going to stay with me for a long, long time.

We're good together.


  1. You mended your knickers?! Tee Hee Hee.....


  2. Not sure if you did it on purpose or not (you are so clever I wouldn't doubt it!) but it sounds like a life lesson to me.

    You are good in a crisis and you can fix it!

  3. Oh, Jenn, you've done it again. This post needs to be read on multiple levels.

    Sorry that life's got you in such a state of frustration. Glad you realized you can fix it if it's worth it.

  4. Hug. Really big hug.

    And I bet the pants look perfect.

  5. It is hard to find a nice comfortable pair of pants...Glad you were able to fix them.

    Take care,

  6. Sometimes it's a needle and thread, sometimes it's stapler or super glue. Seems like a lot of things these days need mending.

    Problem is when it's you that's coming apart, what do you use to put yourself back together? This sentence probably gives a clue as to why I have tears in my eyes while reading this (sigh).

    Hope all your crises are this easy to fix my Darlin'!

  7. Whew! You had me on pins and needles. I'm so happy to learn you and your pants will continue to live happily ever after. :-)

  8. Sometimes you have to just take some time out to fix the things that are important to you. But you obviously know that. Oh, and to answer FA's question: whatever works.


  9. I was also on pins ... while you wielded that needle. Good for you, Jenn! Great job you did there, keeping the perfect pants functional and fantastic. Yes, I was also reading this on more than one level and wishing I could give you a hug when you zipped up the renovated pants. I'm so glad I know you, my friend.

  10. You and your words, Jenn. They're just powerful. And full of optimism.

  11. I'm in love with my cobbler because he saved my favorite pair of boots. I totally understand your love of a particular pair of pants. It's true, you really can fix something if you try.

  12. wow you're brave to try to fix your favorite pants yourself. i'd give them to my mom ;).