Monday, March 17

Long Lead, Full Punch

The setting:
3 friends plan a drive to Delft to shop at Ikea on a Saturday afternoon.

The plan:
All friends will meet at mine.

The conflict:
One friend is stuck on the tram while it "waits" for the City-Pier-City half marathon runners to clear the path.

The new plan:
She will get off the tram still sitting in its tracks and will begin walking through the city toward my place. Other friend and I will climb in the car and drive toward her, using our super location powers to pick her out of the crowd of thousands and pick her up so all can get down to the adventure of the Ikea shopping day.

The players:
Me, aka Mom.
Kate, aka Miss Forsey, aka Andrew's teacher at school.
Sue, aka my colleague at work, better known as my friend.
and Andrew, of course.

The conversation:
"Mom, mom, mom are you going to go now?"

"Yeah, buddy, Sue and I need to go rescue Miss Forsey from the tram."

"You're gonna get Miss Forsey from the tram?"

"Yup. We will drive down the road and go get her."

"Uh, yeah. You're gonna be superheros and get Miss Forsey!"

"Hahaha! Yeah, superheros. Okay."

"Yeah, you gotta rescue Miss Forsey Mom. You gotta be superheroes! You gotta go! You gotta rescue Miss Forsey Mom! You're superheroes!"

The conclusion:
We should all have such faith in our humanity.

It's Music Monday!

Sing along with SMID and all the other players!


  1. I love that Andy Kaufman bit! Oh, and did you ever rescue the delightful Miss Fosey and visit the land of Ikea?

  2. Yes! We were triumphant in our epic plan to save the world via a shopping trip!
    We even made it through town, to delft and back, without getting lost. AND? And I got some lovely, lovely new Ikea things, including a gorgeous print for my bedroom. I will probably blog about that sometime too.

  3. Hehe, great pick for the week. I might have to go watch Man on the Moon this weekend now.

  4. Didn't you know? Moms ARE superheroes. They can do ANYTHING.


  5. I'm sure you make a great superhero rescue squad!!

  6. That's the best! Did you get capes? Magic lassos? Tiaras?

  7. I sure hope you were successful in your rescue!

    To me, IKEA is a nightmare place! Much like Chuck E. Cheese! Only worse!

    Cute little Andrew. And cute little Andy. They had minds about the same age. Unfortunate for Andy, but we enjoyed it!

  8. teri-
    Oh, certainly, Ikea is a nightmare place! Always so crowded and SOOOOOO big. But I just keep my mind on the prize (ice cream after surviving the crowds!) and it all works out!
    (nice to see you here, btw)

    Alas, no. But I am really feeling motivated that I should have something like that. Being a superhero and all. Wonder if my cape could be pink and sparkly?

    We certainly did our best.

    Yeah, the way those kids feel about the mama makes a girl feel pretty good about herself!

    I was just telling my colleagues about that film. I loved it. He's such a curious character!

  9. Now I can tell everyone that the card you mailed me is actually from a superhero!

  10. Hahahahahaha!
    Yeah, Alex, I am good with that.

  11. Nothing beats Andy Kaufman as Might Mouse.

    Ahhh, mighty mouse. whatever happened to good cartoons?

    So, did you rescue her or not?

  12. You'd better believe we saved the day! (and had a lot of fun too!)

  13. Let's hear it for Superhero Moms and for being able to save the day over and over and over again.

    Great pick -- anything that makes me smile is a good thing.

  14. I've always known you're a superhero! Nice Music Monday post!

    And love the card! Thanks so much!

  15. Nothing like your child to make you feel like a superhero!

    Love that classic video. Very funny!

    I am also jealous that you have an Ikea so close to you. Since we've moved to Ohio, we have to travel HOURS to get to one. And I miss it terribly. I love Ikea.

  16. Andy Kaufman was such a genius! And it's so nice to know a super hero!

  17. Hello there,
    Can I interrupt?
    We wanted to go to "the Fred" last Saturday but we couldn't because we couldn't even cross the road in front of our house! for the record,the fred is just a few blocks away.

    btw, u have a wonderful blog here :-)

  18. Sooooooooooooo funny. Maybe you should know that Andrew and I were "superheroes" on friday when we left school and cycled home! He was in red so he was Spiderman and I was in Black so I was Batman!!! hahahaaaaa We played superheroes the whole way home and for awhile that afternoon. : ) Maybe he felt like Spiderman on your weekend adventure, too!!!

    xo Miss Karen

  19. Oh superheroes! All they seem to play at preschool and school at the moment. That conversation sounds just like my 7 yo.

    I meant to comment last week because your card arrived safely in NZ - thank you :) The kids enjoyed getting mail from across the world!

    I (ahem) forgot to save the address before my husband destroyed the envelope but if you would like a note back (just because) flick me your address.