Thursday, March 27

From My Vantage Point

I work in an office.
I have a desk and a chair, a computer and a phone.
It's possible that sounds like the makings of the world's-most-boring-job-on-the-planet but trust me when I tell you that the moments in a day wherein I actually get to light in that chair and stay for any extended period of time are few and far between.

Everyday is a whole new adventure in chaos at the office.

Just the way I like it.

When I do get to sit and *ahem* work at the tedious tasks which are indeed included on my list, this list following is part of what surrounds me to make my desk space my own, and dare I say, meaningful to me.

1. My psychedelic sock monkey, hand made with love and stellar skill by Leslie of My Mommy's Place. He is the talk of all who spot him tucked perfectly underneath the computer monitor sitting cross legged and still, smiling at me constantly. He's been named by the children: "twilight" and I dare say he's coveted daily, but that doesn't worry me. I know he's all mine.

2. On the wall near the monthly calendar (hand-highlighted for all holidays!) hangs the tag from a set of flowers delivered to my co-worker and I early in the year. We had been effective in assisting someone through a nerve-wracking crisis, and after all had settled the family sent us thanks by way of a bouquet. The tag reads: Cartier & Taylo. We have long thought these variations on our last names were most fitting to our super-power prowess, and if we ever reveal our cape-clad-world-saving-inner-selves, this just may be the name of our famous duo.

3. Two water bottles sit sentry at the edge of my desk. I wish I could tell you they were empty because I fill and drain them multiple times each day, to keep the waterworks clear and all, but in spite of my recent descent to bladder infection hell (Level 9) I sometimes mostly forget to drink the water. Somebody shoot me.

4. Next to the photos of my husband and my children hangs a postcard. It's an Edward Hopper print sent to me spontaneously from a friend in Boston (have I mentioned her before?) and I love it. I carried it around for months in my bag so the edges are soft and frayed. It now hangs with pride in my office and every time I see it, I grin.

5. Underneath that postcard hangs another, freshly arrived, from Texas. Meaningful on several levels to me, this new card from a dear friend reminds me that friendship, once discovered, is a forever thing.

6. Tucked away inside a tin which once held delicious shortbread cookies (thanks Kate!) personally delivered from the Isle of Wight, is my secret stash of chocolate and other treats. Okay, it's not so secret really, since most of the staff is on to me and more than once in any given day someone will stand at the office counter with puppy dog eyes full of longing, and ask 'if isn't there please somewhere something a body could eat?' and I drag the tin out from it's hiding place and share the goodness within with any and all who ask.

7. No list would be complete without mention, real mention, of the woman who works opposite me in this shared place. She has been not only mentor and teacher to me this year as I have learned the ropes of the job and all it entails, but she is ultimately and at the heart of it all, my friend and an incredible support in my personal life. I feel lucky, nay, blessed, everyday to sit across from her and share the frustrations and the triumphs of the little and the big moments in our day. She is a friendship treasure.

So, there you have mine. Show me yours?

Newly on display: A photo blog
and the redundant rules state:
1. post 1 picture
2. everyday
3. for one year
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  1. Thanks for the link to 1 Picture A Day. I've bookmarked it.

  2. I like your office because it sounds like you. And drink your water!

    Maybe I'll take some phone pix of my office and post them, although it's pretty boring.

  3. You make a day at the office sound so lovely. My job is anchored to the desk! You have inspired me yet again!

    Btw, got your card! thanks so much!

  4. I'm trying to remember if there was actually MORE in there - it sounds so minimal. I'm surrounded by piles of paper, maps showing foreclosed properties (uplifting, I know), photos of my kids (LOTS of those), some things from South Africa, a red wooden shoe on a pencil and a blue windmill on a pen (so deliciously tacky)...

    Did I mention the piles of papers?

    Nice to know Hopper has a proper home.

  5. It is illegal to bring cameras into our building (god forbid someone photograph our secret plan to lift people out of poverty). My cube has photos of my family in beautiful frames that I got in Thailand. I have a calendar with photos of my extended family. Files files everywhere. A diorama of a marketplace from Uganda - and a woman, man, and goat on a bicycle. Wind up toys for when people visit. Almonds for when I get hungry. Books and books I read 15 years ago.

  6. Back in the day, when I had an office, I used to keep a stash of candy to attract visitors.

    I love it that your monkey works with you. He must be quite happy as he seemed to be a people kind of monkey before we sent him off.

  7. It sounds very you... and those are all treasures. I'm hoping you'll have another postcard to decorate with very shortly, or maybe a little action figure. ;-)

  8. thanks for the link love, i would describe my office but.... oh i don't have one :( Oh well maybe i'll post some pictures of my classroom! x

  9. Hey, lady. Drink your water.

    Your office sound fantastic. So full of personality. It suits you.

    I've missed you... I have so much to catch up on.