Thursday, February 7

Pinky Toe Promise

This little girl neglected to drink enough water,

This little girl got quite ill,

This little girl went to the doctor,

This little girl got a pill,

And this little girl cried "it hurts to wee, wee, wee" all the way home.

(This little girl has also vowed to take better care of herself in the future, and as this little girl is only drinking water in copious amounts the next several days, she thought it might be fun to share this recipe with any and all who have a little variety available. Go ahead, drink to my health!)

The Recipe For Jenn

3 parts Cleverness
2 parts Uniqueness
1 part Silliness

Splash of Giddiness

Serve over ice


  1. poor little you...... life is truly sucky when you feel yucky!!!! We miss you at work honey, you get all better then we can play again soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Wee-wee owies are the pits! Drink your water and your cranberry juice (Yes, it DOES help!) and take your pills. We'll be here when you get better. [({HUGS})]

  3. Ick. I can empathize.

    Here's me:

    "3 parts Devilry
    2 parts Playfulness
    1 part Dignity

    Splash of Aspiration

    Sip slowly on the beach"

    I love the beach part!

  4. Aw, Jenn. I hope you feel better.

    Here's my recipe:

    3 parts Glamour
    2 parts Ingenuity
    1 part Cleverness

    Splash of Vitality


  5. I'm so sorry. We were all just talking about how much that sucks at my book club the other night.

  6. Bonnie's recipe

    3 parts joy
    2 parts curiosity
    1 part laughter
    Splash of determination

    Double ingredients to serve two
    so we can share the fun

    Garnish with one giggle, then
    serve with a crooked smile

    Your drink is brought to you on a serving tray, along with a get-well card that makes you feel much better immediately

  7. ouch must be painful. Keep drinking!!

    Here's my recipe
    ***The Recipe For goofball***

    3 parts Giddiness
    2 parts Fascination
    1 part Ingenuity

    Splash of Creativity

    Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

  8. Get well soon! I know how it feels and that it's terrible! My mum used to say "tuch your shirt in, that'll help." It never did, but maybe it works for you!

    And my recipe is:
    3 parts Bravery
    2 parts Enchantment
    1 part Charm

    Splash of Kindness


  9. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Trust you to turn a UTI into a hilarious post!!!! I'm so so so so so sorry, Babe. Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy the water...