Monday, February 18

Name That Tune

Lyrics in the form of a photo essay, with the bonus of an exceptional talent in the video at the end. More music today at SMID's place.

See you in my dreams...



  1. Wow! Is that one of the kids from your school? He certainly plays guitar well.

    And great photo essay - those are perfect photos for that song!

  2. jen-
    No, the child is no one I know. I only randomly found him on youtube when looking for a video of this song. His is such a talent and it seemed like it should be highlighted here...

  3. I love the way you've done this post. Great visual imagery.

  4. Wow that kid can do hammer-ons. I feel like such a bad guitarist now. Must go practice!

  5. Winter is here for another month. Can you tell? (sigh) I am sure dreaming of warmer days right now...

    Great pics and perfect song BTW.

    Except that now I am feeling rather inadequate and I don't dare show the video to my aspiring musician children. (Prodigies are getting younger these days aren't they?)

  6. The baby is CUTE! And you just picked a very good video...WOW is all I can say!

    Have a nice week!

  7. Great pics, one of my favorite songs--and what a talented young fellow! It was so nice that you posted this version of the song. My goodness he's a gifted and you can tell dedicated musician. Can you imagine how he'll sound when he's thirty or forty?

  8. That is why my kid plays the guitar - now he just needs to practice practice practice.

  9. Wow. That kid is AMAZING.

    I'm wishing you sunshine.