Thursday, February 28


The shower in my house shares space with the laundry room. It's not luxury digs but it will do. Recently remodeled it is a simple, yet classy, separate structure consisting of a basin and clear curved plexiglass doors which stand probably about six feet tall.

While showering I like to pitch the empty shampoo bottles* over the top of the walls to see if I can land one squarely in the garbage bin in the opposite corner. I want desperately to make it in with a single bounce or less.

It's never happened.

*Two things which seem to be in endless supply at our house:
Empty shampoo bottles still sitting on the edge of tub or shower,
empty toilet paper rolls still sitting on the dispenser,
and nearly empty cereal boxes still occupying space in a space deficient kitchen.
Oh, wait, that was three things. Maths is not my strength.

Nor, apparently, is a free throw.


  1. Do you get more points if you hit someone walking by in the laundry/shower room?? And how many points for not throwing it in the garbage bin, but in the laundry bin?
    Is there a window? Maybe it's more fun trying to throw it through an open window?
    (sorry I have a flashback to highschool where we had a "throw your pen through the slightly opened window" competition).

    Don't you have to recycle your empty shampoo bottles? I guess not, I don't remember a big sorting/recycling commitment in the Netherlands.

  2. woohoo, I was the first to comment by the way :p

  3. Great tips goofball! I shall employ some for lesser points in the game.
    And, no, no recycling of plastic in Holland. Isn't that the strangest thing? It's something I scratch my head over continually... and feel guilt about everytime I put the empty milk jug into the garbage bin.

  4. Okay my Darlin', as your friend I need to tell you this...
    Put.The.Camera.Down...Step.Away... Breathe.

    You have lots and lots of pretty pictures that are much better than one of your trashcan!! (Geez and I thought it was bad having to tell my kids to stop overdoing it with some of their toys...)

    You're forgiven. You are after all a Mom who is stuck at home with kids out of school for a week.

    Hey, maybe we should just gather our plastic up for a roadtrip to recycle at Goofball's?!

  5. Count your lucky stars you don't have to recycle your shampoo bottles! My laundry room is now in the kitchen. (Sigh) I do miss having a separate laundry! I mean where else would the kitty litter go?

  6. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

  7. Right now the toilet and the laundry room share one space at our place. It's good if you don't like people hearing when you do your business, you just turn on the dryer.

  8. I know that trash can! I know that shower/laundry room! I've even showered in it.


    PS - funny, funny post

  9. fa-
    hahahaha! But surely you can appreciate the artistry in the shot! No? Give it up? Okay.

    No, I really wish we had a real recycling program here. Really, I do.

    Huh? Wha?? Oooooh!! Hahahahahahahahaha! You are such a geek. I love it.

    hehe. Business under sound cover. I could handle that.

    me too. *sigh*

  10. No wonder you can't make it in the trash - the cover is on crooked! And the empty bottle is obviously too light to push the cover open, anyway. (Feel free to use these excuses as often as needed. No, no - don't thank me.)

  11. LOL - seriously. I do the same thing only the trash can isn't nearby, so it just lays there on the floor! hahaha

  12. Haha! Brilliant! This kinda reminds me of me and my sisters, throwing a ball or tennisracket (they stayed up) into a tree, and then try to get them out again. The trick was to get it in in the first place, and after that to get it out before the vacation was over... :D

  13. Here's the thing - the lost dryer socks reappear as the shampoo bottles and the empty toilet paper rolls. I'm convinced of it!

  14. Practice makes perfect.

    Dave and I are in contstant free throw competition. It can be anything - clothes into the laundry basket, trash into the can, or popcorn into each other's mouths. I am the perpetual loser. While I rarely win, if there were an award for most improved, I'd get it.

  15. I do the same thing in my bathroom - I have to say my success rate is pretty good. But then I'm not throwing it over a plastic door and into a trash can with a lid. I'm strictly minor league.