Tuesday, February 26

Magic Words

I try not to take myself too seriously.
I am not often successful in this endeavor.
I tend to read too much into things. I lean toward the over-thinking regarding any given situation; I over analyze most everything I do or say. Or write.

So, after weeks long agony over whether I should/shouldn't would/wouldn't share the news about four-year-old Andrew's recent autism diagnosis here at the blog, I settled (in a moment of zen) on doing so in a most unconventional way. I wrote it, I published it, and then I fretted over it.

I didn't need to.

The response to that post was in a word: incredible. I have been moved beyond words by the outpouring of support and understanding, both in the comments section and via email which many friends and readers reached out with. It was the safety net I was looking for to catch me as I struggled with what it all might mean, for him, for us, for life.

And then, in only the way the blogging world can, I received accolades for the post.

First, Kelly of Kellyology awarded the post with this:

The Original Perfect Post Awards – Jan 08

Which was followed up by a reader's vote choosing it as the winner of Most Evocative Haiku at Leslie's Haiku Buckaroo contest.


Beyond that, it was also awarded an Honorable Mention overall in the same contest, being selected by Jami of Not That Different, the contest judge (and original reigning queen). She had this to say of the poem:

"In terms of evoking the emotion of a moment, this haiku is almost perfect.
It’s a 17-syllable short story that rocked my world, too."

Now I ask you, with that kind of heady praise and acknowlegement, how can I not take it seriously?

The thing--the absolute thing--is that in the beginning steps of this journey I am buoyed up by the support around me. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for that. As we move along this road, I am quite certain I will be using this moment in time as a touchstone for steadying myself and moving with a more sure step. With everything I have and everything I am, I want to give my son everything I am able.

After all, he gives me so much.


  1. I just want to give you a big big real hug when reading this all. And then tickle you unexpectedly to crack you with laughter :p...yeah I am sneeky like that.

  2. So very well deserving of the awards. And Goofball's big hug and trick tickle.

  3. I think it's no surprise that with your wonderful, giving nature you have hugs and support from all over, Ms. Jenn. ;-)

  4. This post made me think of www.postsecret.com it's a site where people write down something on a postcard and mail it to a P.O. box. Sometimes just telling your secret or problem even if you don't know the reader can be cathartic. I'm so glad you recieved a positive reponse on this topic.

  5. Congratulations, it was a moving poem that deserved the praise it received. There are some things that ought to be taken seriously and this is one of them. Enjoy it;you deserve it.

  6. smid-
    Thank you friend. Means a lot.

    I would laugh along, rather loudly, I am afraid. Thanks for that. Consider yourself hugged back, tightly.

    I appreciate that, really!

    I am just so honored that you stop by.

    And yours is most meaningful to me.

    How interesting. I will certainly check out that link!

    Thanks kindly. I don't know that I deserve it, but I am enjoying, that's for sure.

  7. Well, shit! I go to SMID's and read her post on the National Civil Rights Museum and I get all weepy. So, I get that under control and the very next place I stop is here and it starts all over again. But that is definitely NOT a bad thing!

    Sweetie, every accolade you get is probably only a fraction of what you deserve. You know we love you for a lot of reasons, not least of all for how you are handling this whole situation and how you love all your kids. !(((Jenn)))!

  8. You do tyhis everytime, you amaze me, by being you! *hug*

  9. You make me cry Jenn! I'm so proud of you and I will always remember you and this post (especially the later part) once I become a Mom.


  10. Congrats on all the accolades.

    And he is a doll.

  11. What a wonderful journey you have ahead of you! I have a 15 year old with thes same diagnosis. His was discovered at 4 years old also. There is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

    What bright and wonderful boy you've got. Hang in there! Scarry times but a mom's heart can handle anything!

  12. You are simply amazing, as is your boy. I am grateful you choose to share so much with us. You should know, all that love and support you feel you've been given, is likely because you've been willing to give so much to so many so often.

    I just love you!

  13. Nice to stumble in your beautiful blogsite. Most of my friends are expats and i find such joy in our multicultural views. I'm also an American who is now adopting the Swiss culture. My big hugs to your post.

  14. Here's to the power of magical words.

  15. I took a blind stab at the WW list and found you. I'm so glad I did. Your site is an inspiration. I'll be back

  16. I am not surprised - your writing touches me on a daily basis.

  17. I've been out of the loop and missed your beautiful haiku and the powerful sentiment it revealed.

    Although I can imagine it was a shock in some ways to receive the diagnosis was it in any way a relief to finally have a concrete answer?

    Sending big hugs your way from over here in Stuttgart as well...