Saturday, February 23

The Only Sound Uttered from Four-Year-Old Andrew's Lips When Courageously Facing a Four Vial Blood Draw on Friday Morning


my own game

You feeling brave too? Come play along. The rules are here.
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  1. Brave kid! (Maybe hard on Mom, though?)

  2. He was so brave and I was so very impressed with his composure. And yeah, I survived it too. This one went so much better than the last time we were subjected to such a thing, so, whew! I am glad it's over!

  3. What a trooper! I hope you're all doing well, all things considered.

  4. Poor guy! What a trooper though. I'm not sure I would have been as composed for such a vampiric encounter. :)

  5. Oh oh oh!!! I'm so sorry. How, how, ouch.

    I'm back. Now we have 10 inches of snow. Maybe Tenn isn't so bad.

  6. oh, now i've heard far worse from far older folk - good for him!!

  7. I would have had a LOT more than one word to say about that.

  8. What a brave little guy! Those blood draws hurt.

  9. P.S. I joined your game today.

  10. Ahhhh - got a little choked up. I voted for you too and you know what? You're winning by a landslide!!! You rock.

  11. The only sound you would hear from me would be the "thud" of me hitting the floor from passing out.

    I could never be a doctor.

  12. He's very brave. My kids cry and carry on when I'm getting a blood draw!

  13. hi. i'm back. have you won yet?

    i posted more on the cleanse. think i'll do that till i'm finished. it'll keep me focused on making it!!

    thx for your visit - smooches!

  14. Oh, poor baby! Ick! I'm glad he was such a trooper. Sigh.