Saturday, February 16

Never Enough


my own game

Got time to play? The rules are here.

1. Fourier.Analyst
2. Kate Forsey
3. jenn
4. Anneke

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Yep, so true. Never enough time, especially when you need it.

  3. So, I tossed the spam comment above. Who has that kind of time anyway? Surfing the net to post ads on blogs. Wow, what a job.

  4. :D I wondered whether I just completely misunderstood the message, I mean I know English, but not every cultural reference. For all I know the post was referring to something every American knows... Indeed, why would anyone want to post spam messages on blogs? It's not like people like reading or getting spam...

  5. Sing it, sister... It's the same here.

    Yeah... what is up with the spam anyway? I remember being so excited when I got my very first comment, and then I checked it and it was spam. Totally crushed me.