Friday, July 4

Declaring Independence

Nothing says homesick more than knowing the celebrations back home are just beginning...

Put another hot dog on the grill for me, won't you?

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Put on some orange to cheer you up ;)

    Happy 4th of July

  2. hahahaha! I actually almost did that today, but changed my mind. So, I am in black (mourning?) instead...

  3. Yeah, I'm bummed too, but I've decided to create a s'mores recipe out of marshmallows, speculoos and a bit of Belgian chocolate so it might not be a total loss.

  4. mmmm... that sounds delish! I think I will follow suit! Yummy!

  5. not gonna lie... i look disaster in that pic... must be all of the depression and despair that comes along with being homesick... oh AND getting harassed by Dutch bus drivers!!! I cant WIN today!!!

    xo : )

  6. Very nice photo!
    Have a nice weekend.

  7. Happy Fourth Of July to you Jenn. I like the new look to your blog. I hope that your day is good and that your weekend is wonderful. Take care.

  8. I'm making tacos and trifle for Angelo and his family today. It's got me in a great mood, even though (or maybe because)I have a feeling the meal is going to seem really bizarre to them. Hehe! ~Tui

  9. Well, I'm working today and I'm not at home - so I'm scrunching up my face to be Ms. Pouty, too! So there!

    (Love the shot!)

  10. Is a tofu dog okay????

    I will Ohh and Ahh at a couple of fireworks for you too!

  11. kmg-
    Dahlin' you is just goh-juss! I heart you.

    Thanks! And a good weekend to you too.

    So nice of you to say. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!

    mmmmm....sounds wonderful to me. Save me a plate?

    I like your pouty face. It's a keeper!

    Thanks! I like 'em with mustard, please.

    Sure! And a veggie burger if you've got one, I am feeling hungry!

  12. My mom and sis are over in France celebrating - stop on by, they'll be happy to put a few on the grill for you.

  13. You want ridiculous? Check out how we celebrated and we're here!

    I was homesick on those holidays abroad, too, though.

    Happy day after!

  14. Oh now aren't you just the cutest thing when you pout?

  15. Jenn, you're so darn tootin' cute.

    Our neighbors down the street put on one heck of a fireworks display on the 4th. We sat on the porch and watched. Even Lucy. My mom said, "Those loud fireworks don't even seem to bother her."

    I said, "That's because she lives with Julia, the human firework."

    We still have leftover sparklers. And while the 4th has passed, I'll light one and think of you.