Wednesday, July 16

Radio Silence


  1. End of school year.
  2. More left to do than there is time to do it
  3. A little stressed
  4. Migraines returning with marked increasing frequency
  5. Probably points to A LOT of stress
  6. "Jenn, can you help me with this?" most frequent question asked
  7. Paint still drying on the teacher gift
  8. No more coffee in the tin at home
  9. Sleep seems more attractive than blogging
  10. at 2 a.m.
  11. In the meantime, the photographs go up at Looking Into with regularity
  12. Until the queue runs dry
  13. Which could happen at any moment
  14. But today there is a gorgeous guest post
  15. So, quit reading here and go look there.

We'll talk soon.


  1. it's almost vacation....keep breathing!

  2. I'm just glad you're OK. And yeah, I know that "OK" is a relative term, but you know what I mean.

    Deep cleansing breaths, sweetie. Eyes closed, quiet head moments. And think about naps during vacation; it helps.

  3. Radio silence is a good way to describe it....

  4. Your school year is ending... my kids' is just beginning. Pure insanity, I tell ya. But... I miss you. Desperately. So... yeah. That's what I came here to say. I miss you desperately. Good luck with the stress! Come back to me soon!

  5. Sleep, rest, take what time you can, and for Goodness's Sake, woman, get that coffee tin filled!

  6. i'm sorry... you know I feel the same xxxx

  7. Stress is not something I'm unfamiliar with... Unfortunately... Right now seems an oppropriate moment to tell you to relax, but I can't I'm way to stressed out myself. Try to remember (like I try to remind myself) there is an end to this madness. Someday. I hope. ;)