Saturday, July 26

Something for Saturday


my own game
click here for the rules.

D'you need beach shoes too? Link it up if you're playing today.

See y'all on the flip-flop side when I am back from Croatia!

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2. Goofball

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  1. aaaaaaaaah we just went shopping too. I did find 2 gorgeous tops in my size for a ridiculous price on the last days of sales. Woooooohoooooo fantastic

    and now my feet are sore from walking.

  2. I didn't play this week. I guess I really was wordless. Enjoy your trip. (((HUGS)))

  3. WOOHOOOOO! Yay for shopping!!! You'll post pics of your new treasures, right?

  4. fc-
    I can't wait to see it! I will of course, share some photos of the views!

    Yahoo, sales! I love it when I get a great price. That makes the sore feet totally worth it!

    Well, thanks for the comment anyway! I am looking forward to this trip for sure (well, the rest of it anyway, we are underway and I am writing this from my hotel room in Prague! Tomorrow we fly to Croatia!)

    Indeed I will and I shall have to tell the story of Andrew finding beach shoes of his own!

    Back at y'all soon!!

  5. Wait. You're going to Croatia for flip-flops? Hell, if they're THAT good, pick me up a pair!

    Have a great trip! Holler when you get back.

  6. I'm a fan of shopping. Also, haiku. HB III started at my place today. I hope to see you there.