Wednesday, July 2

What To Say

Occasionally, as I have hopped from blog to blog, I find a post here and there exposing how readers find various blogs. (Search engine trackers such as google analytics keep track of such things) Always on the fascinating side, sometimes leaning toward the risque, I have found myself intrigued by the notion and wondering just what it is that leads people here to this page. (I mean of course, aside from my charm, wit, beauty and ultimate humility...)

So, I went to look.

As you might expect with a blog title such as mine and the subjects I cover here in my writing, most of the referral searches were phrased in some variation of "Life in The Netherlands". I suppose it's obvious why such a search might lead someone here, and while that in and of itself isn't a total thrill a minute revelation, what admittedly was just a little on the cool side is the fact that given that particular word search my blog hits at the top of the page. (Thanks google!)

Randomly though, a search for "Serbian Rappers" also brought my personal blog to the front page of listings. I haven't had much to say about Serbian Rappers other than this post, but let's be honest, is there really a whole lot to say about Serbian Rappers? Perhaps, that's why my post ranks near the top of the list when a random someone makes a random search about such a random subject. However, if ever Serbian Rappers take off and hit the big time I will feel proud that I knew them when...

Educationally, someone set a search with the words "What is Karnemelk?". I am not sure what information they gained about Karnemelk by linking here to my blog, but I am happy indeed to answer this question for the inquiring mind: Karnemelk is yucky.
There now, we all feel better with that tidbit of information filed properly, don't we?

Curiously, someone wants to know about "Life in Netherlands not so good, great". I hardly know what to say in response. "Life in Netherlands not so good" may indeed be a phrase that has leaked from my lips on occasion. But so has "Life in Netherlands, great". The latter being more often uttered than the former. My guess is, no matter where you are living you could utter the same set of phrases interchangeably too. But that's life, ain't it?

Laughably, a search for "Nederland in Globe" also led someone here. I am still kind of scratching my head over this one. Just what is it the reader wanted to know? Is the Netherlands on the globe? Why yes, yes it is. It's a small country sure, but most mapmakers and globe builders have indeed heard of the place.
It could be a question regarding Nederlanders as stars of the GLOBEtrotters, maybe. The Dutch are certainly tall enough, and Haarlem was after all a city here first, but alas, this country doesn't play basketball.
Is it Nederland at the GLOBE theatre? Ah, yes, Shakespeare in Dutch! Could a rose not smell as sweet?
How far can I push this?
Nederland in the Boston Globe?
Nederland in Globe Communication?
Nederland in Global Warming?
Okay, I'll stop.

Sweetly, someone inquired "Love Words in Dutch" to which I reply a hearty "ME TOO!" I love words in Dutch! Especially words like Koffiepadapparat and achtentachtig. As to the actual "love words" in Dutch, I remember several Spanish speaking women in my beginners Dutch class going on a rant over the awkwardness of saying I love you in Dutch. I've never gotten over their giggles over the sound of Ik hou van jou and the absolute triumph they felt with the far superior Te quiero of their native tongue.

Lastly, is it wrong that I find it a point of pride that the search "Mama Had a Baby and His Head Popped Off" led more than one reader straight to this page?

These are the things that make me laugh.

So, this is what leads the random readers here. I suppose with the revelation of how they got here it begs the question: what will bring them back again?

Oh, are you still here? Tell me why.


  1. I are still here.
    Cuz you smart.
    Cuz you pretty.
    Cuz I heart you.

    And although I'm not at all sure how I got here, I'm VERY glad I did!

  2. because you are great, warm, spontaneous and you live in a city I love and I love to hear your view on Europe. and you are such a good photographer.

  3. The tracking tools are interesting, aren't they?? :D

  4. I keep coming back because you keep me laughing (and occasionally make me cry). You also reflect what I want to tell people about life here, but sadly can't express myself the way you do.


  5. 'Attracted in from the Expat Blog directory for the Netherlands, looking for kindred spirits. 'Stayed for your love of books and the 'day to read'. 'Keep coming back whenever the RSS tells me that you have something new to share, and will for as long as our experiences continue to resonate with one another.

    I always enjoy your thoughts; keep up the good work!

  6. It's Anno's fault. ;-) When I started blogging again, she said that I had to check out this wonderful blog, "Something To Say: About Life in the Netherlands" - and I did. And she was right - you are wonderful. So I stayed.

  7. I travelled in from another expat blog- I travel all over the world and love to read blogs from places i have been.. stumbled across yours... and have been lurking ever since. I love it!

  8. I come back for the witty posts and awesome photography. But if I need to know about Dutch basketball, I know where to look!

  9. Still here enjoying your pictures and your wit! Of course I found you from another person's blog site, and also from your photography site.

    We stay because of your charm.

  10. I'm here because you stalked me and I couldn't get rid of you so I came over to your house to give you a piece of my mind then you came to my house....

    Mama had a baby and the head popped off? Oh. My. Goodness!!

    I need to get more adventurous with my searching.

  11. Because you brighten my day....

  12. I was looking for some blog about bikes, and your bike post showed up. So I read it, and was addicted. I haven't had a week since (well maybe, but two at the most) that I haven't read your blog. Because you're funny, smart, are incredibly good at putting your thoughts into words and I just liked reading this blog instantly.

  13. Hmmmm, I just linked to you from Lilacspecs who happens to be my daughter and is living in have an easy to read writing style and a nice sense of humor...I'll be back...

  14. I found you on a list of expat blogs. I'm moving to the Netherlands with kids, and you moved to the Netherlands with kids, thereby proving that it can actually be done. I lurk around hoping to see something that will make this whole task seem less overwhelming.

  15. alala-
    Email me. I have lots to say about this!