Tuesday, July 10

Pulling Through

On the train from Vienna to Linz:

"Oh, hello! uh... can I give you help with you bags... or something?"

"Ah, no, I'm fine. But thanks."


"You go to Linz?"

"Yes. I am going to meet a friend there for the weekend. It's my first time to visit Austria."

"Uh, yes. I go... we go to Linz too. I go there once before last year and again now for music festival."

"Oh, cool."

"Uh, yes. I am... do you know hip-hop? Break dance?"


"Yes. I am break dance. No no, I am beat box!"

"You're a rapper?"

"Yes, yes. Rapper. I come out Serbia. We travel all day to come Linz for music festival."

"Hey, that's pretty cool. My son would think that was great. I don't know so much about rap myself"

"Uh, yes. You come from where?"

"Well, today Holland which is where I live right now, but originally from the United States."

"Yes, America. I think you American."

"Yup. American."

"I love New York."

"Yeah? Me too actually. It's a great city. Always alive."

"Yes, everything on all night at New York."


"Uh, yes. I love America. America has Snoop Dog, and 50 Cent. And yes, Tupac."

*grins--he, wildly. Me, sheepishly.

"Uh.... yeah. I guess we do."

*hands to heart

"I see 50 Cent before, so good, so good. I love Snoop Dogg. He so... ah! I love Snoop Dogg. And Tupac too. Yes! Tupac!"

"Okay, yeah, well.... er... ummm.... yeah. So you're from Serbia?"


Note One: Yes, I changed the subject! Because though I can muster enthusiasm for all kinds of things, such as monocolor painting masterpieces by a three-year old, hairstyling wonders at the hands of a seven-year old, and even video game tales of a ten-year old, I cannot, will not feign enthusiasm about rap: gangsta, or otherwise. Not even for a foreigner, who was cute as a button with a grin to beat the band!

Note Two: He was very cute.

Note Three: However, I won't say more than that out of deference to Brillig's hubby who is already quite positive that the standard for drooling doesn't lean his way. Though he is welcome to weigh in here anytime with his votes on whether the cheese guy or the beat box kid from Serbia is Hot. This all inclusive salivating policy is open to everyone, I welcome all to my drooling club.

Note Four: I would have pictures with this post except for the fact that the sun is out in full force this afternoon in Holland and I am blogging in the garden. (The photos are all inside on my computer) Though it's a real hardship to have to sit here in the sunshine to write, I am willing to do it for you my dear friends and readers. Because, well, I'm a giver.

Note Five: Someday soon, Scribbit and I are going to design a cool shade cover for a laptop so we can get our blog on in the sun without a glare on the screen. That's going to be wicked awesome, right Allison?


  1. I hear you- my kids and I basically listen to the same music (don't want to feel TOO old), but 50 cent and the like are some of the only frowned upon "artists" in my house. I just can't.

  2. I am smiling Jenn at your notes and your conversation with the young Serbian rapper. When you invent the shade for the laptop, I volunteer to test the Beta-version. Can you develop a smaller version for my digital camera?

  3. My favorite line:

    "Yes. I am break dance. No no, I am beat box!"

    Well, I am air guitar. I am Hero! Let's jam!

  4. So, Rockin' Girl don't rap! Old fogey that I am I'm with you on this, despite the fact that my nephew in Texas has won several contests for his "raps" (or whatever they are called) and is preparing a demo of this noise/music. There are just some things I won't compromise about!

  5. You know you make it hard to tell you you're a rockin' girl blogger when you have so much pink on your sidebar it looks like a Pepto Bismol convention. :) I wanted to nominate you myself!

    And that story was a hoot. That's American for "Vedy vedy funny time."

    I know have a new appreciation for Serbian gansta rap. Okay maybe not.

  6. Hahahahaha.

    (For the record, Hubby isn't BOTHERED by the double standard--he just thinks there IS one.) So funny, ma' dear.

    So, how long was this train ride? How long did you sheepishly grin at him? hahahaha. How come there aren't any pics? Seriously. I expect you to whip out your camera at the first sign of a cute boy, okay? Even one who gets excited by gangsta rap...

  7. One word "Fluzey" (not sure of spelling)....LOL

    Cheers Mark

  8. Hi Jenn ,
    Forgot to add that i have nominated you for a Schmoozer... no not a smoocher Lol

    This ones blue so shouldn't clash to much with all your pink ones!!!!

    Cheers Mark

  9. Our French foreign exchange students ALWAYS love rap... We play it for about 20 seconds until the lewd innuendos, or not so innuendo phrases, swearing, and other horrors come out of the itunes. My students never understand all of the lyrics but like the beat. Geesh.....

  10. Actually, my husband and I just had this conversation. I can admire a cute guy but I don't think of doing anything with him....nudge nudge, wink wink. I think men do...that is the difference. I like to think of it as women like to admire God's creations....

  11. I love odd, random conversations with strangers.
    Let us know when the shade thingy goes on sale- I want one too.

  12. Too much fun! Meeting cute Serbians. :)

  13. Hi Jen!
    You make me laugh! YES!!!!
    Please make that super sun blocker for all us bloggers to buy.
    I want to be able to blog on the beacn and actually see what I am writing!

  14. Soooooo sorry I've been absent, my dear. Life, ya know?

    Cute Serbian rappers? Weird.

    Anyway, you can impress next time by saying something like, "Yes, shame about Tupac. You do know he's dead, right?"

    Speaking of dead, I hear that rap "music" is the fastest declining form of "music" in terms of record sales. Apparently not in Serbia, however...

  15. ROFLOL (again and again, until my sides ached). Rapper gangsta "stuff" just doesn't fly. Well now, I take that back. THIS one exception rocks.
    Hey, at least he didn't whip out some nice token for ya, like Flavaflav's clock "bling." Bahahahaha!
    (who can't stop laughing over your conversation).

  16. SMID-
    Uh-huh. Now you see it.

    Thanks! And, hmmmm... a screen for the camera too. Now, you're thinking!

    HAHAHAHAHHA! You rock Buck!

    Nope. Rockin' Girl don't rap. That's for dang sure.

    Aw, shucks girl. You really know how to make a girl feel good.

    Train ride, 1 1/2 hours. We found other things to talk about. Like the Chinese tourists who were brushing their teeth in the corridors of the train. That was worth a giggle or two...

    "floozy" rhymes with Schmoozy.
    Thanks for the award!

    20 seconds is just about my limit too. I don't think I understand the words either...

    Okay! You're on.


    Good. Laughter was my goal here!

    No worries, just always glad to see you when I can.
    A shame about that rap "music" being on the decline.

    side splitting laughs just reading your comment! You are hilarious.