Monday, July 23

One Singular Sensation

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I got it back, and that can only mean one thing. I get to pay it forward again. This time it's going out to my adorable, amazing, incredible blogging friend,

I love her
. Really.

I sing her praises with loud and long operatic notes. And not just because she drew this picture and posted it on her blog:

But for lots of other reasons.

I fell in love with her witty writing right away. You will too. I dare you to go to her blog and not be completely swept away. She is lovely, and funny, and quirky, and honest and oh-so-many-other-things.

And now, of course, she is an award winner.

Congratulations Buck, you are one schmooze operator!


We were on the road again this weekend, and I will tell all and share some photos, just as soon as I have finished the new Harry Potter book (I am on page 410). In the meantime I leave you with (What? Another Andrew story?) this:

Tucked comfortably into a corner of the couch I am reading my book when Andrew approaches and requests "Can I watch CARS?"

"Certainly", I say, then close the cover on the magical adventure temporarily to help him find the DVD and prepare the player.

The trailer images appear on screen and I settle back to my reading. Looking up a few minutes later when I hear the tell-tale sounds of the main menu to Disney's CARS movie I watch my four-year-old slither off the couch and begin to move various objects (throw pillows, small toys, discarded pajama pants) from the chocolate brown rug in our living room. The music is booming repetitively from the television.

da na na-na nana, da na na-na nana! da na na-na nana, da na na-na nana!

I ask him "Okay, then. Is it time to push play?"

He snaps his head and catches my eyes in his, thrusts out his hand in classic STOP gesture and with all the power in his lungs shouts "NO! I NEED TO DANCE FIRST!"

At which point he proceeds to run the Indy Holland 500 around the living room rug, chanting "See me dancing Mama? I'm dancing!"

"Yep, baby. That's what they call cuttin' a rug"

He stops abruptly and says "Yeah. I gotta get a scissors."


  1. I just sat down to work and am nursing my first cup of coffee, and that story will certainly make my day. Andrew rocks!

  2. Oh my goodness, Jenn, Andrew just cracks me up! I hope he didn't really get the scissors? I'm glad whenever someone knows they just "need" to dance! ;-)

    I spent all weekend with Harry - it's what I wrote about today.

    And I'm looking forward to reading Buck's blog.

  3. Andrew really is a gasser. lol. Each story abotu him brings a smile to my face... or a grimace in the case of foreign objects up the nose. :)

    And how is your Harry Potter reading going??

  4. oh dear! It's nice when they give you advance warning, though, right? Welcome back!

  5. Congrats once again, you schmoozy little thing! And, as a mother to my own four year old boy, I'm VERY familiar with the Cars menu song AND the race car "dance." I LOVE the scissors bit, though. Hilarious!!!!!

    I awarded you with a little thing at my site today, too!

    Now hurry and finish that darn book!

  6. Great story! I hope you managed to get to the scissors first. We had to put ALL the scissors in the house into a high cupboard about 3 years ago when my youngest decided to cut her hair, give the dog a trim and restyle several pairs of my pants all within an hour or so. And she did so very quietly while we were reading, showing up just often enough to keep us from questioning her. Who says kids aren't smart?

  7. OMG! I LOVE that Andrew story! LOL!

    Speaking of awards -- yep, you've won another couple. Stop by if you want the buttons.

    I also gave one to Em's blog...

  8. Aw, Jenn. You're too sweet! Thank you so much. You make me feel so good. And just when I needed a little dose of "Leslie, you do not suck." Thank you!

    Your Andrew hilarious!

  9. oh my dahlin' buck-
    You really are the best, and anytime you need a little boost, you just come on by baby.

    That Andrew makes me LOL every day. Every. Day.


    I think for the most part the scissors are put away high. He did manage to get hold of a pair not long ago, point them at his chest and take a chunk out of his SHIRT. Vigilance is our watchword with this one in the house!
    Loved the story about the sneaky haircutting. Clever girl.

    Book done. Back to blog.

    I suppose I should be grateful that he doesn't know yet how to keep his plans quiet! Thanks.

    Just think of all the fun coming your way in years to come! MJ has only just begun!

    hehe. Me too. And yeah, the NEED TO DANCE really warmed my heart. We should all drop everything more often and just dance.

    I hope the day was grand.

  10. hee hee - toddlers can be HILARIOUS! luckily the cute times make up for the times they can be MONSTROUS.

  11. I have to admit, I don't think I'm familiar with that phrase. You learn something new every day!

  12. Congrats on the award (again). And I just love how kids figure out expressions.

  13. I came here to enter your contest, and enjoyed it so much I stayed and read for a bit. And I'm glad I did.

  14. Oh how very sweet of you! You girls are both great!