Monday, July 2

There Should Be an Award For That

My friends, my readers;

Welcome to the first--no, make that my first--Perfect Post award ceremony here at this blog.

Back in the day, like a year or so ago, Momma K and Lindsay had a brilliant notion to create a blogging award. An award made for bloggers, given by bloggers.

Cool, right?

It's an opportunity to share with friends at your place something you've read elsewhere in the blogosphere. Something you liked. Something which moved you. Something which made you laugh, think, smile, cry, snort, belch... whatever. Something you think others should read.

I've got that piece here.

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards

My award for the month of June goes to Jennifer who writes The Verge. Initially I wanted to direct you to this piece she wrote earlier in the month. However, when I popped over to her place to grab the link for it, I was blown away by this one. When I finished wiping the tears, both happy and sad, from my eyes I knew I had found the Perfect Post.

Within every word of this last post she wrote from her Italian home there is the deep satisfaction of a happy life as an expat. But wrapped within each phrase is the anticipation of returning to her homeland of the U.S. Perhaps this piece was meaningful to me because I identify with her so deeply. More likely, is that Jennifer is a brilliant woman and a brilliant writer. Honest, clear, deep thinking is what she shares at her blog. That, in a word, is perfect.


P.S. What? Did you think I was done already? Please refer to the title of this blog and dissuade yourselves of any notion that I can be succinct. I still have something to say!

My Perfect Post award for the month of May goes to Anno of Anno's Place.

A Perfect Post – May 2007

Anno's reflections sent me on a whirlwind trip through my own thoughts and I mulled and pondered these words for hours, days even, after reading them. Although it's late, I roll out the red carpet and invite you to stroll along with Anno for some divine reading.

When you're done there, will you come back here to say something? I like it when you're here. A lot.


  1. What a wonderful idea! Jennifer's post about returning home is a treat for all readers -- definitely a perfect post.

    And thanks, good friend, for my award, too. Made me feel all glowy, and I'm looking forward to sharing some of that glow next month. Thanks!

  2. Look at you, joining the fun! I love the Perfect Post Awards! And I can only add my hearty AMEN to everything you've just said, both about Jennifer and about Anno. Brilliant blogs, the both of them!

  3. Oh... I can only say oh...
    I'm totally flabbergasted. Glowy, too.
    Thank you.

  4. Completely agree about Jennifer's blog - brilliant, heartfelt writing!

    Now - I'll have to go and check out Anno's blog...

  5. This is a great idea! I would love to participate.
    The inspiration that I find each day when I visit my blog neighborhood is amazing.
    Thanks for being one of those Jen!

  6. Perfect Post Awards are a great idea and the ones you chose are certainly deserving. I especially related to Anno's. I'm a compulsive blogger, too!