Friday, July 27

15 Steps to Landing an Unplanned Job

1. When an email arrives in your inbox from the teacher who used to coordinate the after school activities program at your children's school, don't even finish reading it, but immediately
2. dash off an email of your own to the Headmaster telling him that you absolutely, positively must have that job.

3. When he returns a note saying that your proposal is interesting but probably not possible as the organization in control stichting will not likely give him permission to create a separate job position,
4. send a note back, telling him he can simply hire you for a position, any position, on staff and then give you this responsibility.

5. Be a little cheeky and also tell him he will not be sorry for entertaining such a notion.

6. Do all this in rapid fire succession so
7. when his response arrives by email asking you to come in for an informal chat,
8. only 10 minutes have passed on the clock.

9. Scratch your head and wonder aloud just what you are getting yourself into. Then click send on the message which reads,
10. I will be there.

11. Chat with the Head at the playground gate on Friday afternoon.

12. Attend a formal panel interview on Monday.

13. Accept the job offer on Tuesday.

14. Begin the new position as Primary School Administrative Assistant (read as: office lady!) on 27 August 2007.

15. Buy new shoes.*
*It's my understanding that office personnel don't wear flip flops

Friday Fifteen


  1. Hip hip HORAY! The smartest decision the school made.

    And a wonderful turn on adventure road for you.

    Nice use of the list. Well done.

  2. That sounds like it will be a wonderful job! Office ladies get all the frontline fun with the kids, and after school programs can be very creative.

    Bravo! They are SO lucky.

  3. Well done! And the COOL office ladies wear flip-flops. (And so do the cook librarians where I work--ahem!).


  4. What fun! This sounds just perfect for everybody. Will you show us a picture of those new shoes?

  5. Congrats again! And while all the steps sound fine, the most important one is the last one. Shopping for shoes is ALWAYS important! Whether or not they let you wear flip-flops, you should always take advantage of a reason to buy new shoes.

    (Maybe if you wore some nice leather designer flip-flops?)

  6. Now, I must say I appreciate your support! That's just awful nice of everyone to stop in and say yahoo with me!

    Thanks and thanks again.

    I think it's going to be great. Especially for being able to interact with the kids. THE KIDS! oh, yes! The kids!

    That is very good to know. Maybe I can start the trend for cool office ladies at the ISH.

    Certainly. Shoe pics coming right up!

    Having your blessing makes me feel vindicated in all the shoe shopping--ahem, 3pair--which I have already done.

  7. First of all, YYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! (And that was just about the shoes...)

    I'm excited about your new job, and delighted by your spontaneity. I do, however, pray that this doesn't interfere with your blogging...

  8. brillig-
    Just think with all the fodder of a whole school full of international students... I may never run out of material. AND I will be wearing stylin' shoes. I usually blog barefoot. I wonder if it will make a difference?

  9. OK, now I am SERIOUSLY in awe of you!
    I usually blog barefoot.
    I always have to use my hands to type my blog entries.

  10. Oh, I was wondering about the job! I'm excited for you!

  11. I buy new shoes for every new job (okay, that's a LOT of pairs) but it's important to have a fresh start - just like the new Stride-Rite shoes I got for each new school year. And don't forget to have your picture taken on your first day of work. Such a big event!

  12. jami-
    Bwahahahaha! Babe, I have seen your toes. You could TOTALLY type with those things! Gorgeous long things that they are...

    leslie, who I call buck-
    Thanks! I am excited for me too. A little nervous, but mostly excited.

    Now, that's a great idea! I think I will pose at the front door of the school with my backpack! Just like when I went off to first grade. :)

  13. That's perfect for you, I think.

  14. How awesome is that?! Yay for you!!

    now to the really important task of new shoes... what are you thinking? red? black? low heel?

  15. Good for you! Sounds like your kids' school is gaining a real asset--you!

  16. Great for you Jen! and it was great checking out the school's website.

  17. Wow! That's an interesting way to land a job. I'm sure it will be a wonderful adventure.

  18. Way to go, Jenn! When opportunity knocks, you knock it flat as you blast through the door. Good for you!

  19. Wow! Yay for you, but more importantly, yay for Andrew's school!

  20. Good job! (But hey...they need to lighten up...flip flops are IN!)