Thursday, July 5

A Confession

Hi, I'm Jenn and I write about Andrew.

If that bothers you in the least, you should perhaps move along from this post. Because as Paul McCartney said sang it "What's wrong with that? I'd like to know, 'cause here I go again*."

Before launching into his cuteness once again, I need to announce that this will be my last something to say for a few days.
I'm leaving on a jet plane* this afternoon for a weekend in Austria.

A weekend by myself.
Well, by myself, with a girlfriend.

We have been talking about this trip for months, and finally found a way to make it all come together*. Among other things, such as taking a million photographs, I will be visiting a doctor in her hometown to talk about, ahem, woman things, and my headaches. I will of course be sharing all the fun and adventure with you, my friends, when I return next week. Which reminds me, I haven't yet shared much about the Milan trip either. I will do that too. Not now, soon.

And so, onward we go with the Andrew anecdote. In case you are hankering for more,
The Blog Exchange post about, you guessed it, Andrew is here for your reading and commenting pleasure.

But wait! Before we dive in, please indulge me another link or two (I'll be gone 3 days... you can spare some time to read these, right?) First, my Emma has a new story posted at her site. It is a kid adventure which is out of this world. Pop over there, you'll see what I mean.

Secondly, and speaking of out of this worldliness, please join me in welcoming my offline friend into the online world. Supporter and commenter extraordinaire, she has become a blogspot author in her own right. Tagged as Fourier Analyst she has her template up and running. It's only a beginning, but it is certainly the start of something fresh and meaningful.

And now, stalling be done! Here is the story I want to share.

Written last Thursday, I posted it at my family website and dedicated the story to my sister-in-law who had the propensity to do the same when she was small.


I am busy all morning cleaning the house, getting ready for some weekend company--two friends from Don's program in Leiden last year--who arrive tomorrow. I have an eye on Andrew, but I am not exactly with him for a good portion of the morning. While I am bustling around getting the work done, he is sitting on the living room carpet happily playing with a board and peg game. The pegs are tiny, colorful little things. More like little beads with a stem. They are just the right size for him to pick up in his pudgy fingers. He carefully places them into the slots of the board. He is making art in its finest form.
These pegs are just right for these little holes.
And somehow it follows that these pegs are just right for some other little holes....

You know what is coming next right?

I am standing at the pantry door, having just emerged from sorting the chaos within when Andrew approaches and says "Mom, I need you to get this outta my nose".

I miss the first pass and ask him to repeat what he just said. Halfway through the second utterance it dawns. Hits just like a lead balloon. Crap! He's put a peg up his nose.

I squat down next to him and look.

Yes. Green peg, left nostril.

Again, crap!

I am keenly aware I can't reach up into the nostril to chase the tiny piece of plastic as I don't want to lodge it further inside the nasal cave. I look carefully and analyze the problem at hand. All the while I am assessing this peg-in-nose situation I am repeating in my mind the number for the emergency services. (112) Also, I am reminding myself that the house doctor is literally around the corner and we can be there in less than 3 minutes.

All of that processing takes about 2.5 seconds. About the same amount of time it takes me to apply some finger pressure to the outside of his nose and expel the irritant.

I breathe.

He breathes.

I hug him tight.

He looks at me and says "Whew!"

I put the peg game up high.

*sometimes there is a song in my head, quite often it's an entire radio station.


  1. At least he didn't swallow it! Have you seen Worker Mommy's story about the quarters ? (
    Give the little man a hug for me and kick yourself in the pants for not letting me tag along to Austria (sorry, my green side is showing here). Seriously girlfriend have way big fun and come back with lots of pics and blog stories. Oh and thanks for the linky-love. I'm not quite sure if I'm ready for this, but as you said, it's too late now!!

  2. I love your Andrew stories -- keep 'em coming! And have a wonderful trip to Austria, too!

  3. Jenn,
    Have a wonderful time in Austria. I hope that the doctors have an easy remedy for your headaches.

  4. Enjoy the trip and I hope it bring both physical relief AND good "girl time". I will miss you though.

    And please tap Mr. Andrew on the sholder for me and ask him not to put green pegs in his nose. Purple, fine, but GREEN? Come on kid.

    [All joking aside, I'm glad it ended up the way it did. Knock on wood, none of my kids have done that.]

  5. fa-
    No! I shall have to go look and read. He did try to swallow a five cent coin recently. That was when I memorized the emergency services number in Holland. It was not near as funny as shoving a peg up his nose.

    Thanks! I love my Andrew too.

    I appreciate the well wishes.

    I shall deliver the message when next I see him. Aaaaaagh! I already miss them! (Yes, I confess I am blogging from the airport as I wait for my gate to open.)
    My others never tried such a stunt either. I am finding with Andrew nothing is off limits in the childhood adventure arena.


    News from Austria next...

  6. Hi Jenn! Once again I must say that the fact that we are now in different time zones pisses me off!
    I know those pegs well- my eldest son severed a tendon in his hand years ago, and we used those pegs as a game for rehabilitation after his surgery. My youngest picked on up, and promptly swallowed it!
    But the best part is that he didn't say a word, and I had no idea until I changed his stinky diaper the next day! His peg was yellow...
    Have a great trip. You deserve it

  7. jennifer-
    Yup, that's why we have the board in the first place, specific to occupational therapy goals. The trouble stems from the fact that normaly we play it TOGETHER and I can watch for the errant placement of pegs.

    Hey! Today is the day you pick up MacGyver, yes? Enjoy!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I'd have had the same inner dialog about emergency numbers and nearby doctors. I'm the drama queen who loves to make a dramatic exit, only to have left behind my keys or whatever. I would have just stared at that little green peg for a minute, trying to decide if I was disappointed that it had come out so easily or not.

    I too love the Andrew stories!

    And I'm feeling strangely jealous and lonely that you're going to Austria. For a whole week. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT YOU FOR THAT LONG???? Also, it just seems like I ought to be there with you. I know, I know, we don't even know each other in person. Still, it seems like if you're going to Austria, I ought to be there too. Sigh. I will TRY not to die of jealousy in the meantime.

  9. My husband and I constantly joke about needlenose pliers, which his dad used to remove something from his nose when he was little...

  10. I have to say Em wrote a great story! I really DO think it should be published, with the very best artist as illustrator. I can see that purple sea and the talking former-dog. She has a great imagination, and I am very impressed.

  11. Jenn, have a wonderful wonderful weekend, At least the weather will be so much better there!
    Your daughter is a child with the best imaganiation ever. She will surely go far!

  12. Hi Jenn, enjoy your trip, do they sell cheese in Austria, just wondering!!!! That might be a cause of your headaches...Lol
    The green peg reminds me when my daughter got a biro top stuck up her nose, she had to go to hospital as we couldn't get it out.We like to remind her of it every now and then....

    Cheers Mark

  13. ouch! That peg looks painful! Did he not even cry???

    Have a great trip - and I hope you get some answers regarding your headaches!

  14. When Dave was a child, he lodged a dime in his nose.

    Julia used to have a thing with putting corn, peas, blueberries - any sort of small, round fruit or vegetable - up her nose. The worst part was, she'd blow them out, then eat them if I didn't grab them in time. I blame this fully on Dave.

    Enjoy your trip. I hope all goes well!

  15. Jenn

    I am dying to know where you are heading in Austria, where you are staying and what you are doing there and whether you like it what you are doing there :-)

  16. My favorite scene from the movie One Fine Day involves a specially made hook that extracts marbles at the doctor's office! I recently laft teaching and I think I've seen it all!

    Have a great trip and I hope you can find the relief that you need for your headaches.

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  18. Have a fun and safe trip! Try not to miss us too much, OK?

  19. And with stories like that sounds like you'll have lots to write about for years to come. :)

  20. What in the world? Where the hell have I been? I miss a few days and all sorts of stuff happens, pegs and all!

    Missed ya, babe!

  21. Have a fabulous trip. I really hope you get some light shead on the headache situation. I have been thinking of you. I stuck a pussywillow up my nose when I was really young because it was just so soft. It got stuck...
    Safe journies.

  22. Have fun on this trip!

  23. Are you back yet?? Huh? Huh? Okay, I know you're not. But I miss you!!!!

  24. ROFLOL! Kids and orifices. It's a right of passage, I believe. I'm glad you were able to remove the peg safely. And I was laughing at your "emergency response mode" playing out in your head as you went about performing your Peg-ectomy.

  25. I'm with Brillig. Jenn-withdrawl is really, really painful. The shakes are starting.

    Come back!