Sunday, July 1

Those Big Blue Eyes Steal My Heart Away

Every morning I wake up and slowly, quietly, creep into my son's bedroom while he's still sleeping. Little Dawson isn't so little anymore. He's nearly three years old. And yet I still find comfort and happiness, like a new mother, when I see my precious boy fast asleep.

My eyes fall upon him curled in his new toddler bed. His brown hair is matted, his arms clutch his favorite "blankey" and his little legs are crossed at the ankles. I hear his soft breath and see the slow rise and fall of his chest. Occasionally I hear a small whimper and I imagine he's dreaming about his favorite Bob the Builder or Thomas the Tank Engine toys.

I cannot fight the urge to tousle his hair and stroke his warm cheek, and to this day I can still recall that baby smell. Instantly I tear up and try to grasp those memories and hold them tightly in my mind.

His tiny little nose, his chubby cheeks, his eyes closed as he enjoys his rest; it all makes me wish time would stop at that moment so that I could enjoy it forever.

And just when I think it doesn't get any better than this, his eyes open and those beautiful baby blues stare back at me.

"Hi Mumma!" he exclaims, and I feel my heart beat faster.

My child's eyes tell me everything I need to know. He loves me. I'm his mother. I am his sunshine. And he loves me. And I love him more than he will ever know.

Dana writes about her motherhood moments at The Dana Files. She lives in Wisconsin with her hilarious husband, Doug, and their toddler Dawson, 2 3/4. When she isn't blogging she can be found picking up all of Dawson's toys scattered across their living room. You can find Jenn at Dana's place today and please visit the Blog Exchange if you'd like to participate and read other entries in this month's exchange.


  1. Indeed.
    Such a lovely piece Dana. It's been great to be your partner today! Thanks for the help and great hosting!

  2. I love watching my kids sleep at night. It's so hard to resist hugging them because they look so sweet. It's hard to imagine that during the day they were driving me absolutely nuts.

  3. What a lovely age! Too bad they don't stay so cute! I hope you will always get that lovely feeling when you look into your child's eyes, even when they are flashing in anger and defiance!. A lovely story, thanks!

  4. I am glad to hear that this feeling lasts at least another year. LOL....

    I too find it amazing the sleeping look. I had to slow down putting pictures of my girl sleeping on my blog because my brother said it was weird. LOL... Now I just put the occasional one of her sleep.

  5. Beautiful post, I love to take pictures of my children when they are sleeping.

  6. I love watching them when it sleeps. It never goes away. Even 8 years later I still sneak into room and watch her sleep.

  7. I just love that just awoke smile. It does melt the heart. Lovely post Dana.

  8. Hi Dana! _ yes, they're at their most precious and vulnerable and beautiful and angelic when they're asleep, aren't they! Great post.

  9. I have a suspicion that this feeling lasts for all of a mother's life.

    Well said.

  10. I just took a picture of my baby sleeping in his crib with his chubby little legs sticking through the slats. I couldn't resist.

  11. It's me again - I posted my rockin' girl blogger post today - thanks again for the award!! :)

  12. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I still get teary-eyed when I read this back.

    I'm off to visit all of your blogs. I'm far behind. I tried to catch up yesterday with TBE, but our internet connection is being stupid.


    Happy Monday to all!

    And Jenn (in Holland!), thanks for partnering with me! It's been wonderful!

  13. "it all makes me wish time would stop at that moment so that I could enjoy it forever." Ain't it the truth!

  14. I love to watch Julia sleep. I often talk to her after she drifts off at night - about my hopes and dreams for her and how much I love her.

    Beautfully written, Dana.