Thursday, July 19

Inquiring Minds

Tagged by His Greatness--Sir Gunfighter--for 8 random facts about me, I will tell you that:

1. In truth, random describes me perfectly. There is hardly a thing about my personality or my life that is planned or systematic in any way. Other than:

2. My headaches, which come like clockwork with the release of certain substances and/or materials in my body. Too cryptic for you? I shall spell it out. I am a slave to my ovaries and my hormones. It's not pretty and it has been getting increasingly uglier and fiercer as I age. However, whether it is because of, or coincidentally to, the acupuncture treatments I am receiving, I am celebrating:

3. The random victory of being headache free this week, in spite of what the calendar shows. This week should have, would have, begun with a screaming-mimi of a migraine. And it didn't.

4. I believe in acupuncture.

5. I practice Reiki.

6. I love yoga.

7. I am not afraid of spiders but I abhor moths. I understand it's an irrational fear, but it is deeply rooted all the same. When I was a camp counselor, oh, about 1000 years ago, my campers found out about my distaste for the critters and filled my cabin with creative paper cutouts of the horrible hideous beasts as a prank. I was pleased to see that in each rendition, my 12-year-old charges had also penciled in vampire-like fangs at the mouth, as that is exactly how I envision and describe them. I have never been close enough to one to really inspect whether my theory is true and don't tell me I should, I won't. I am comfortable with my story that the fuzzy monstrosities also have fangs. I'm stickin' with it.

8. On a whim, I got a job this week. Yes, you read that correctly. I. am. going. back. to. work. FULL TIME. I will perhaps post in detail how an innocent email exchange with the Headmaster at the International School suddenly became a job interview. But that certainly sums up the randomness of my life. Four days ago I didn't have a job, and today I do.

Now, I'll be needing a nanny. Inquiries about the post can be made here.

Speaking of inquiries. It has come to my attention via some random email questions that perhaps there are parts of my story about our life here, that I haven't told yet. So, my question to you, dear friends and readers, is what do you want to know? Other than the back story of what brought our family from the USA to The Netherlands (this is the question which has come in a few times over the email), what are the burning questions in your mind about me? About us? About life in Holland?

Ask away, and I will post in coming days, until you know the rest of the story.


  1. Congratulations on the new job. Good luck on finding a Nanny as well. Sorry to hear about the headaches. I get them too. They suck more then words can discribe.

    As for the acupuncture. You can keep that. How you feel about moths is exactly how I feel about needles. LOL

    Very interesting facts today.

  2. drama queen-
    I just close my eyes as the needles go in and go to my happy place(there are no moths there), and I am so deliriously happy about the LACK of HEADACHE this week, that I am enamored of the practice.

  3. Sitting here squirming and thinking of the needles. No happy place could make me not notice them. LOL With my youngest I had a scheduled c-section and I almost fainted three times just getting the I.V. Funny, now that I look back at it.

  4. You see, that's where I can totally get in your camp. Generally needles scare the bejeezus out of me. I used no drugs in labor, more out of the fear of that epidural needle than any stoic heroineism. I wouldn't have survived a c-section, with all the IV's and whatnot. Nope. No way.

  5. I feel the same way. With my fourteen year old, I held out on the epideral until they said I had to have a c-section(my first one). After 40 hours of labor, I was begging for the needle. Not going to lie about that one. That is the only time I wanted a needle around me. According to my grandmother, everyone was glad when I got my epideral finally. Apparently I don't like pain much, and when extreme pain I scream and cuss people out. OPPS! LOL

  6. spell correction. epidural and OOPS.. lordy I need some coffee

  7. Nah, what you need is a big bouquet of flowers for enduring 40 hours of labor, and THEN a c-section! That kind of accomplishment deserves a medal.

  8. So THAT's what I did wrong! I actively sought employment for over a year before finally getting an interview - and a job. I should have just spent my time schmoozing via email and would have landed a job a lot sooner. Of course, I wasn't ready to move to Europe, but the offer would have been very good for my delicate ego.

  9. I just thought it deserved pain killers. LOL Here is another funny for you. After the c-section of my 14 yr old. They hooked me up to a Morphine Machine. I was without sleep, out of surgery and tired as hell. The nurse told me to hit the button every six minutes for the first hour I as awake. I just heard for every six minutes. Now, i don't even like taking Tylenol. I ended up high as a kite. Apparently Morphine hits me like alcohol. Quickly and hard. Everyone that was coming to see the baby, was laughing at me. I don't remember much, but friends and family have seen fit to tell me stories.

  10. jami-
    I am still suffering a little whiplash over the whole thing. I had certainly been thinking that it was time to go back to work, but I didn't have any idea it would come together like it did!

    drama queen-
    Better living through chemistry! Right?

  11. I'm happy for you... changes are good and keep old ladies like us young!
    And the bigs changes that happen without banging on the door too hard are the best kind.

  12. jennifer-
    Indeed. This is going to be a big change. No more pj's all day for me! eek.

  13. You realize that if the fact you need a nanny is discovered by a certain college student she will be twice as hard to live with. I hear daily how she is coming back to Holland and I should be saving money to make that so.
    Ofcourse I am very proud of you as always, you're still me hero!

  14. I too have an irrational fear of moths. No camp counseling in my past, so I don't know precisely what to blame.

    Congrats on the new job!!

  15. lynda-
    You realize of course that I put that line about needing a nanny in specifically for a certain college student to see. A year off from studies to hang out with me and play with Andrew seems like a good gig to me!

    Thanks for the commiseration and the congratulation! I appreciate it.

  16. I'll nanny for you (Oops, that'd be hard across the big pond, eh?)
    Congrats on the job. And as for moths, imagine my horror when I was changing my then infant dd at night (changing table right by window), heard a loud fluttering and looked up to see a Luna moth THE SIZE OF MY HAND on her window screen. I have pictures. Ewwww!

  17. Yeehaaa!! Workin' Mom! Glad it worked out for ya'! (Don't I also get to say here "told ya' so!")

    You do realize that you still have to blog right? And comment. And do mommy stuff that the nanny doesn't cover. I figure that means you need to start surviving on about 3 hrs. sleep a night. Good thing you started liking coffee eh?

    BTW, are you taking the vitamins?
    Thought hugs!!

  18. I'm glad the acupuncture is helping the headaches. I've never tried it, but there's certainly something to it.

    Congratulations on the job! Wow! What a change! You should have lots to blog about. You will keep blogging, right?

  19. I share your antipathy for both moths and headaches. I read a horror story about moths as a child, and then lived in a part of Tennessee for a few months that believed in a creature called "Moth Man", so I always felt my irrational fear, was, well... rational!

    What will you be doing for the international school? I almost worked at one of those in Kuwait, umpteen thousand years ago.

    Questions about the Netherlands... why did your husband need graduate school there, as opposed to anywhere else, and what led you all to stay? It's my dream to live there, eventually. The last time I was there it was with my (then) 10-year-old son, and I told him that I wanted to retire there and he said, "Wouldn't you want to be wherever I, my wife and kids are?" And I said yes, and he could marry anyone he wanted to, as long as she were Dutch ;-)

  20. How long do you think you'll be there?

    Does Andrew seem "more Dutch" than your older two?

  21. toni-
    EWWWWW! woah, I just might have had heart attack at a moth that big. I can hardly look at the displays at the science museum.

    Yup. I suppose it's your right. You can also told ya so about the vitamins, because I believe your recommended therapy is also helping. A lot.

    leslie, I mean buck-
    It certainly seems like there is something. I am deeply impressed. And yeah, I plan to multi-task through it all and blog too! (others blog at work, right?)

    I appreciate the understanding. I feel vindicated in my irrational fear!
    Great questions. It shall give me lots to talk about answering them.

    Love your questions. Answers soon.

  22. OK, since you admitted to moths, I'll admit to pre-moth moths: fuzzy caterpillars. They give me the tee-total whim-whams! My skin doesn't just crawl, it gets up and runs! And to top it all off, my kids think it's fun to play with them. Ewwww!

  23. Hahahaha! You said ewwww, Jami! That just totally cracked me up. I don't know why, I think because I just picture you as eternally cool and collected.
    Skin gets up to run is like the funniest image ever!

  24. Congratulations on the job! and the headache free week...believe it baby!!!

    I want to start yoga. How do you suggest I go about that in the best way?

  25. Whoa! A full-time job! Very, very cool. More later. I think I might need a dose of those needles...

  26. Congratulations -- on the job and the headache-free week!

    I love, love, love acupuncture.

  27. Rebecca at Prologos is interviewing as a nanny. Sounds like a perfect fit to me :)

    ANd me? I hate dragonflies. With a passion.

  28. glad you got a headache free week and I hope it means the acupuncture is working! I get a monthly headache from the pill...lasts about 48's not a terrible headache but it's disturbing nonetheless.

    Questions about Holland?? um ... yes..WHY are you there? How did you feel in the first few weeks? What do you miss most about home?

  29. It's 2:00 p.m. my time (speaking of time, LOVE the new clock on your blog!) and I'm in my pajamas. You are using words that are so strange and foreign to me: job, nanny, and all those ones sounding exercise-y.

    Loved reading this, and getting to know you a little better! As for things I still want to ask you, there are SO MANY. And now that you've mentioned being a camp counselor too, I think "do I know this girl at all???" haha. I want to know EVERYTHING! Okay? Ready, set, GO.

    Oh yeah, and CONGRATS on the job too! Can't wait to hear the whole story there. How crazy!

  30. Congrats on the new job!

    I hope that happens to me soon. If not, I may applying for the Nanny position.

  31. "His Greatness"???

    You flatter me too much... not that I want you to quit, mind you!