Sunday, July 29

Image and Wonder

The danger in taking a day or two off from posting a something or two, is that then my brain literally bursts with ideas and I can't get in front of the thoughts fast enough to get them all down. Also my fingers tingle. Literally. As if they are longing, itching, needing to touch a keyboard, to strike letters and numbers. The pads cry out to pound keys. Let me write they say, let me write!

Desire or no, the reality of the clock rules my life lately. The demands of the day often get precendence over the preference of my tingling fingertips.

I am ignoring that reality now.

You'd better believe I am also ignoring that basket full of shirts which need ironing.

Last Friday as I was reading Leslie's blog, I came across her entry about a Haiku Writing Contest. I also came across her confession that she writes a Haiku every day to get her creative juices flowing. My first thought was, Huh, I don't really write Haiku. Following on Thought one's heels was Thought two: Hmm. It's been years since I've tried, I wonder if I can?

So I tried.

As I peeled back my eyelids on Sunday morning and could hear the rain falling pit-pat as drops struck my windows, my first Haiku was born.

Rain, rain, rain-rain-rain
Falling on the windowpane
I don't want more rain

And then, I tried again.

Sunday morning rain
Making tracks along the glass
Like tears on my cheeks

Then just for fits and giggles I kept writing.

I think so I am
But often I can't decide
Just what I do think
This Amsterdam train
Smells just a little like pee
And rank old man farts

And the truth is, now I can't STOP writing Haiku.The continual drumming of fingertips against my thigh as I count out cadence and syllables of every phrase that pops into my brain does not cease.

This Haiku challenge
Makes my brain churn with pictures
Must share them in words

The other truth is, I am not very good at it, but goodness it's fun to do.

Mmm. Ribs for dinner
Fingers are made for lickin'
Who needs a washcloth?

You may have gathered by now, I will be entering Leslie's contest, if only for the sheer fun of thinking in short full thoughts. Well, that, and she's giving away prizes.

Haiku Buckaroo!
I want to drink my coffee
from the winners mug

You should consider entering too. You should also expect a Haiku or two to show up in my every post between now and Friday, when the entrance deadline arrives. From here to there, I'll be saying my something in 5-7-5.

Sunshine peeks through clouds
Touches my head with sweet heat
Brings wamth to my heart


  1. One of the things I love about D is that he writes Haikus. And he writes them for me, at times, which is even better.

    I love the fact that this art form, created for delicate snapshots of nature, can be so hilarious and/or insightful when applied to the mundane.

    Rock on, Jenn! I loved these, although the train got a little graphic (so true, though!) ;-)

  2. jen-
    The train one was my son's favorite, and everything else I started to read to him the rest of the day he would shout "old man farts!"
    He wishes all Haiku had something to do with passing gas! hehe.

    I am so impressed with your D who writes Haiku, and yes, even better that he writes them for you.

  3. You are so witty
    Continue you to amaze me
    How'd you get so smart?

    [ok cheated on the last line but you inspired me...]

  4. what makes a haiku a haiku??? just the 5- 7 -5 syllables?

  5. Look what you've done now!
    This haiku is addictive!
    Dishes are unwashed.

    P.S. I loved the "Haiku Buckaroo!" I think Buckaroo might be my favorite word ever.

  6. Hahaha. too funny. I'll have to give it a try... but poetry really isn't my strong suit. lol

  7. Oh my gosh, somebody stop her.

    "Old man farts"? Really? Doesn't that sound appealing. No wonder you prefer your bike.

    I'm not even going to try, by the way... I don't need yet another addiction in my life.

  8. Hehe. Between your comments here and the emails flying between us today, I would say we have ourselves a whole Haiku makin' troupe. I think I might write a Haiku about that.

    All my writing friends
    Before this were mere bloggers
    Now haiku addicts

    I think Leslie will be proud, so proud.

    And to answer you goofball, that's the only rule I know for Haiku is the 5-7-5. I am sure they are also supposed to be poetic, but here at this blog you get what you get.

    And Brillig? I knew I could make you Haiku. hehe.

  9. Dear Jenn in Holland
    You think you are so clever
    Darn this haiku crap.

  10. I'm not that creative. But I DID enjoy YOUR haikus.

    Well done!

  11. brill-

    Oh, I can go on
    All night if you want me to
    I think in haiku


    Thank you!

  12. I just can't seem to get the Haiku rhythm(somehow I know this is spelled wrong)Im impressed Jenn!
    (and Im back as you can see..:)

  13. your haiku's are FUN Jen! I especially like the amsterdam train one and the ribs for dinner one.

    hmmm - I've never written one...but that competition looks interesting....

  14. Children quietly
    come into our dreary hearts.
    Blazing love for all.

  15. Netherlands is home
    now to Jenn and family.
    What to explore next?

  16. Jenn, this is my favorite:

    Sunday morning rain
    Making tracks along the glass
    Like tears on my cheeks

  17. LOL! Oh stop ~ you're too funny ;-)

  18. Jenn, these are fabulous! What a way to kick off the contest. And these comments are just awesome and hilarious!

    And now I must share with you my favorite haiku of all time. I don't know who wrote, I only know that I wish it was me:

    Haiku is easy.
    But sometimes they don't make sense.

  19. You had to get me thinkin'.
    A sneeze wells up, "Haiku!"
    A kleenex softly passes.

    And this;
    This Amsterdam train
    Smells just a little like pee
    And rank old man farts


  20. These are wonderful!
    Such a prolific poet.
    What else can I say?