Thursday, June 21

Armed and Dangerous

From a phone call with my husband:

"Have you called the doctor yet, to talk about the headaches?"

"Uh, not yet. I will do right now."

"Will you?"

"Yeah, okay. Yes, I will do it."



"Jenn, put down the keyboard and step away from the blog."


"Hey! I am not even on the blog!"

"Make the call."

"Right. Okay. Making the call."

Notes of explanation:

1. I am notoriously bad at taking care of myself. Details like calling the doctor for my own pain tend to escape me.

2. Before you jump on the scolding wagon you should know that I have indeed called the doctor. I have an appointment today for an acupuncture session. Perhaps I should have titled this post "On Pins and Needles".

3. I believe my husband is a funny, funny man. I really wasn't on the blog when we had this conversation, but what he said was so hilarious I immediately had to blog about it! Thus confirming my status as a blog junkie...


  1. Ha... that sounds like something my husband would say. He thinks I'm on the computer blogging all the time, silly man ;)

  2. Sorry sweetie that you are still in pain. I hope your visit to the "stick-em-man" goes better that my initial attempt at such (great story in there about Baptist girls and alternative medicine...). However I am a great believer in acu-pressure, which can also be done by a massage therapist. The great thing about it is you not only get a fantastic massage, but some insurance companies also will pay because it is for "medicinal purposes". Check it out! Hope you feel better soon. But if not, I'm sure there is a great blog story about the whole experience. Thought-hugs!

  3. We are so alike. Dave and I had nearly the exact conversation not so long ago. I'm not great at taking care of myself (my little sunburn is proof...I mean, I made Julia put sunscreen on and Dave, but did I put it on? Nope. I always forget about myself). And I'm on my blog a lot.

    Anyway Jenn, I think we could be soulmates.

  4. Hi Jenn, did you have to put your hands on the monitor and "spread them"
    I think it might have something to do with timing yourself...Ha Ha

    Cheers Mark

  5. I have the advantage of actually working on the computer, so to everyone else it looks like I'm always working... little do they know

  6. I hope your headaches get better. I get frequent headaches too and it is awful.

  7. I think women in general are lazy about calling doctors for themselves, but if it's for the kids, we'll call in a flash!

    I hope your acupuncture session goes well!

  8. I already thought your husband was pretty funny for the Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes dinner he prepared all by himself. This exchange confirms his character.

    I'm so sorry to hear about these lingering headaches -- I hope the acupuncturist is helpful. You know we'll be expecting a post about the experience afterwards...

  9. Thanks all for the well wishes and for giggling along with me. I am glad to know I am in good company for this thing called life...

  10. heheh.. yeah, Jim frequently starts out conversations with me by stating, "stop blogging, I need to tell you something." lol

    Hope your back is better. I love acu!!

  11. Hahaha. I love that you weren't blogging, but then you had to blog about it. So funny. It's so cool that you and your husband laugh together so much!

    Good luck with the pins and needles! Hope your headaches get better.

  12. I'm with Jennifer - I get to hide my blogging by making it look like I'm doing something constructive at work. When I'm at home, I rarely blog: those darn kids...and house...and yard...and dogs...and cats.

    So let me get this straight. You blogged about not blogging when told to stop blogging? And how convoluted would it be if you then blogged about this blog entry? OK, I have to go rest my brain now.

  13. I think my husband is a funny man too! He always says to me! Still at computer?! But in fact he's addicter than I'm! Actually when I'm writting this comment I'm hearing him with his clavier...

  14. Headaches are the pits. Sure hope you feel better. I also put off my health issues, then as a result, I worry. So silly.

    I get teased about my blog addiction, but not so much now that my daughter has one too. I use to take some heat about taking my camera everywhere, but now everyone depends on it!

    Your husband sounds very loving.

  15. Jenn-
    I hope the acupuncture provides you some relief. Take care of yourself because if you don't listen to the whispers of your body it'll start to scream at you.
    Sending no headache vibes your way...

  16. ROFLOL! I love it. Ah, what truth we spawn in them.

  17. Maybe you've been squinting at the screen? :)

    Sorry you're hurting, go get that stuff fixed!

  18. It was funny alright! Give him a nice, hard smack on the ass for me!

  19. I have that reputation with my boyfriend as well!