Friday, June 1

15 Cool Camp Things

Today's blogging is brought to you by my daughter Emma. You may remember Emma spent last week at school camp. When she arrived home last Friday afternoon, she was, as I hoped she would be, bursting with stories and tales of the week. I had such a great time listening while she debriefed me on the week, I asked her if she would share the highlights of her camp week with you here.

And so, to Emma. Our guest blogger for the FRIDAY FIFTEEN with her list of 15 cool camp things.

1. cabins.
We stayed in a cabin near the woods and sleeping there gave me a real campy feeling. We could hear birds and things.

2. talent show.
It was a funny night. My friend and I sang a song and we were cracking up the whole time. Then there were about 4 or 5 guys who stood on the stage with their arms crossed over their chests and hummed. The same note. For a long time. My friend Habiba said "Maybe they're at a funeral?" and we all cracked up laughing. Later we found out they were "harmonizing". Whatever that means.

3. canoeing.
But it was really hard. I got stuck in the reeds a lot.

4. raft building.
We built a life size raft. It floated but I could tell all my friends were like freaking out because it was a little off balance. Everyone was wondering how we were supposed to get on the raft and then my friend Sarah and I just jumped into the water and then jumped on it and said "Hey! That could be a way!" Everyone laughed.

5. the food was good.
I liked the way they served it on the tables while everyone was sitting there. It made me feel like I was at a palace.

6. bicycle riding.
I was able to ride a bigger bike than I normally do. I thought it was easier to ride. The first day we went biking we got lost. We cycled 10 or 11 kilometers that time.

7. free time
. We got free time after each activity and before bed. We just got to hang out and that was nice to be with my friends, but not at school, you know what I mean?

8. tag.
We all played 'stuck in the mud' with the teachers. It was teachers v. kids. The teachers won.

9. hide and seek.
We found all the teachers really fast except one. He was hiding in a tree. He could hear us the whole time we were looking for him. I think he thought we were pretty funny. One thing I realized at camp was how much our teachers care about us.

10. the bathrooms.
The showers were not that bad!

11. fresh air.
All you could smell everywhere was pure, clean, magnifico air.

12. campfire.
We roasted bread and ate it with jelly. Mine got really burnt.

13. thursday activities.
It was studies, and it was actually nice to do some school work, strangely enough. We studied water animals, soil, insects and animals.

14. bird watching.
This was a good idea, but there wasn't a bird in sight. Just in sound. We watched dragonflies instead.

15. my group.
We all stayed in the same cabin together every night. We were a talkative, talkative talkative bunch of girls. We made a lot of jokes and read scary stories, which weren't really all that scary. In my group was girls from Denmark, England, Portugal and me from the USA. You learn a lot from other people. It's just cool.

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  1. Hey, Emma! So fun! This was a blast to read! And what a writer you are already!!! Anyway, it sounds like you had a great time. I'm sure you'll have great memories of that trip for the rest of your life!

  2. wow - that's actually making me nostalgiac for something I never experienced! sounds like you had a most excellent time, Emma -

    Funnily - and a bit off-the-point my younger sister's name is Emma - and our mother's name is Jennifer!

  3. ahh very cool!!! Sounds like a great time.

    btw, the FF linkie is up now. Sorry I'm late. :)

  4. Sounds like camp was good fun and a great experience. :)

  5. You, dear Emma, are cool.

    Tell your mom to let you guest blog more often.

  6. I used to go to camp when I was a wee one - loved it - great post!!

  7. Emma, you make me want to go back to camp! Your raft endeavors sound especially cool. And glad the showers weren't too bad. :)

  8. Sounds like fun. I loved camp as a kid.

  9. Sounds like camp was a blast!
    What a great list... bet she could have done even more.

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  11. Hoo-hoo! Emma has had fun watching her comments roll in today. Thanks all of you for your nice words and support. I shall definitely have her stop in again to guest blog.
    Don't forget to go see her at her own blog and get a taste of her writing.
    Gosh, I like my kid. (all of them!)

  12. What an excellent experience! This sounds like a lot of fun, and it was fun to read, too!

    I liked the idea of listening to birds while watching dragonflies. Also, burnt toast and jam is practically a classic camping treat.

  13. Oh, there's nothing like camp! She put together a great list.

  14. Great accounting of your camping trip, Emma! So glad you had a wonderful time.